CrossReads Book Spotlight: Life Like Stars 5/12/2022

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Life Like Stars

by C. R. Kelchner

Life Like Stars

“My loyalty lies with God,” Nastia declares on a flight to Washington D.C.

Nastia Sibieski believes that romance is sacred. She turned down many attractive admirers in college because they weren’t the right, Christian man. But after she meets a handsome atheist named Anton, everything changes. Nastia finds herself questioning her core beliefs as she gets to know her new boyfriend.

When Nastia goes farther than she intended, her world turns upside down. Two angels inform her that unless she stops dating Anton and goes back to God, her sin will materialize on her body — but no other person will be able to see. Will Nastia abandon the newfound affection she has always wanted or take the opportunity?


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