CrossReads Book Spotlight Learning How To Hear God’s Voice 10/19/2023

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Learning How To Hear God’s Voice

Creating An Atmosphere To Hear God’s Voice

Learning How To Hear God's Voice

DO YOU NEED TO HEAR FROM GOD? Then get your copy of this powerful & timely study in God’s Word now. You will learn: how you can tell when God is speaking to you; how He speaks today; how you should respond. You will learn the main ways God speaks to all of us. Subjects include: the number one way God speaks to us; the inward witness of the Spirit; dreams & visions; the audible Voice of God; how to discern when a prophecy is from the Lord & when it is not, and so much more. Based upon the clear teaching of scripture and personal experiences, this book gives clear instructions on hearing God’s Voice in an age when many are being led astray by voices of error, deception & confusion. Learn what God’s Word has to say about the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and experience His clear directions for your life. Get your copy today!


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