CrossReads Book Spotlight: Ko’olau’s Secret 6/16/2022

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Ko’olau’s Secret

by Sharon Connell

Ko'olau's Secret

Kyleigh Flanagan, receives a strange note from her father, an Army Major stationed on the Hawaiian Island of O’ahu. The wording tells her something is not right. Her calls to him go unanswered.

With her best friend Marisa, Kyleigh sets off for O’ahu to find out what’s going on. Her father’s commanding officer has no idea where he is but ordered an investigation.

The major had contacted the Honolulu Police Department with information about suspicions he had. But what information?

After checking with HPD, Kyleigh and Marisa are told Detectives O’Shea and Swanson were assigned to the case. But the detectives are not available to speak to. Kyleigh is still in the dark. She is not one to sit around and do nothing when her father is missing.

Could the mysterious Ko’olau Range, which holds many secrets, have an answer to her father’s disappearance?

The two handsome detectives cause sparks to fly, and not the good kind. At least, not at first. Can Kyleigh trust them? Authorities had let her down in the past when her mother was killed and the murderer not apprehended.


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