CrossReads Book Spotlight: Going the Extra Mile 4/14/2022

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Going the Extra Mile

(Idioms & Clichés Book 2)

by Janice Cole Hopkins

Going the Extra Mile

When Aaron Johnson takes his sister back to her home in Trade, Tennessee, he gets caught in a blizzard in the Appalachian Mountains on his return trip. Finding a remote cabin, he arrives frostbitten and needing care.

Meghan Scott lives with her harsh uncle, but he’s been missing for days. When a nearly frozen stranger comes to their cabin in a snowstorm, she reluctantly takes him in. However, she soon learns she has nothing to fear from the kind man trained to be a pastor, except maybe losing her reputation from harboring him and her heart. But when her uncle turns up dead, everything becomes complicated.


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