CrossReads Book Spotlight: First One to the Cross

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

First One to the Cross

Wives’ Guide to a Winning Marriage

by Gwen Steinle

First One to the Cross

First One to the Cross features God’s Word in communicating practical tips to ensure strong marriages and real hope for women enduring strained marriages. The title of the book comes from the saying, “The first one to the cross wins!” Gwen covers nine crucial aspects contributing to the quality of married life:

1. Unconditional Love (Who Luvs Ya Baby? )
2. Reverence (Let Go & Let God)
3. Humility (Who Me? )
4. Affirmation (What’s Real Good? )
5. Expectations (En Guarde! In Your Thought Life)
6. Spiritual Warfare (Satan’s Up to Something)
7. Virtue vs. Vice (Fruity or Foul? )
8. Romance (Takin’ Care of Business vs. Marital Bliss)
9. Personal Growth (The Easy Way or the Hard Way).

“Real life” case studies demonstrate how the principles discussed in each chapter have transformed lives and improved marriage relationships. This book includes Q&A and space for notes, as well as providing answers to many of the questions – making it a ready-to-use resource for individual or group study (gatherings or virtual online). The study questions at the end of most chapters will help the reader to personalize their own journey to relational well-being. If you don’t feel like a “winner” in your marriage relationship, this book is for you!

Gwen Steinle has a passion for helping others make practical application of Biblical principles. Gwen’s study of the Bible has taken her to Israel, Turkey, Greece, Sinai, Jordan, and Egypt to discover first-hand how people have historically “lived out” their faith. Gwen and her husband, Chris, have five children and 11 grandchildren. Gwen founded and operated her own business for over a decade. She has also served the Lord as Children’s Education Director, Children’s Church teacher, and women’s mentor.


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