CrossReads Book Spotlight: Family Smarts and Runaway Hearts 6/8/2023

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Family Smarts and Runaway Hearts

Carson’s Bayou Series Book 6

A Small Town Contemporary Christian Romance

by KC Hart

Family Smarts and Runaway Hearts

Every run-away is looking for a safe place to land. Every easy-going man needs excitement to shake up his life. Ollie and Quinn are an opposites attract/ friends-to-more Christian romance, set in the small town of Carson’s Bayou.

Ollie Robinson is no coward. But when an impossible choice angers an important family and turns her entire town against her, Ollie hits the road, running away without a plan.

Quinn Lewis is happy living alone. His life is simple and uncomplicated—exactly how he likes it. Until he finds a woman stowing away in his truck with nowhere else to go. Quinn knows he must help her—even if doing so turns his tidy life upside down.

Ollie reluctantly accepts Quinn’s offer of a place to stay while she gets back on her feet. A safe spot to land feels like a dream come true, but trusting a man is what got her into this mess to begin with, and she’s determined to never make that mistake again.

When they finally admit there is something deeper than friendship between them, Ollie’s past comes flying back to haunt her. Can Quinn leave his simple life behind for Ollie? Or will she have to run again?


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