CrossReads Book Spotlight: Death to the Devil’s Dragon 8/17/2023

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Death to the Devil’s Dragon

(Flying People Series Book 4)

by Danny Mac

Death to the Devil's Dragon

Dannie, Rod, and their old mentor—whom they called affectionately call “Dad”—traverse more than half a year battling the devil’s minions only to face the ultimate fight with an ancient creature not seen in over a thousand years. An immortal dragon so fierce that the mere mention of its name terrified those who encountered it. Will God provide his three chosen fighters with enough power to take down a monster controlled by the devil himself or will this battle prove to be too much?

Stories of dragons have inherited the Earth since the earliest human writings. Every region of the world carries myths and folklore of scaled beasts tormenting its populations, and even the Holy Bible speaks of a red dragon with seven crowned heads. Learned people of science denied the existence of dragons because they found no physical evidence for them in our world. However, after observing that no dragons left any remnants behind, they never considered the possibility that perhaps the beast was not of this world. Their physical presence was an illusion of reality to strike fear into the hearts of God’s people.


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