CrossReads Book Spotlight: Christmas Cookie Brides

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Christmas Cookie Brides

by Cindy M. Amos

Christmas Cookie Brides

Christmas cookies are the best—whether stamped, pressed in an iron, rolled, powdered or stuffed with delectable goodies. And what a great time for the baker to find a sidetrack of affection that sweetens the holiday further! Meet these four heroines who glance up from their recipe cards in time to find out that love adds warmth to Christmastime beyond the oven’s glow. Distracted? Maybe—but those holiday tins won’t fill themselves. Two bakers are always better than one!

Pizzelles for Elves by Cindy M. Amos

Paraeducator Bella Sylvanio takes on the cookie distribution for students in her elementary school, but when resource officer Maguire Raines is assigned to her elf committee, her focus on order starts to crumble. As a charismatic ringmaster for the second grade circus, Mag ignites Bella’s affections, but will his skill at the pizzelle press be her ultimate undoing?

Christmas Cookie Town by Teresa Ives Lilly

When Jody Carson is given the chance to photograph a small town’s Christmas event for the magazine she works for, she isn’t sure how she feels when her boss agrees her hometown ‘Christmas Cookie Town’ would be the perfect choice, because she knows she will have to work closely with the town’s mayor, her ex-fiancé Holcom Garrison. Can working together and sharing Christmas Cookies reignite their interest in one another?

Belle’s Ring by Joi Copeland

Belle Noel longs to be rid of Jax Crawford, but the pesky man won’t leave her be. After forgiving him for breaking her heart and changing her life, must she be friends with him, too? If she does let him back in her life, will her heart be content with just friendship, or will she long for more?


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