CrossReads Book Spotlight: Charity’s Challenge

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Charity’s Challenge

(Westward Home & Hearts Mail-Order Brides Book 21)

by Lisa Prysock

Charity's Challenge

Milly Crenshaw does it again when she succeeds at finding a groom for a destitute social butterfly from Fairfax, Virginia. She sends Miss Garner west to marry an Oregon farmer, Sterling Adams, widowed with four children who desperately need a mother while he tries to prove up his claim.

Charity Garner, suffering from the shock of an accident leaving her injured and bereft of her parents and their wealth, has two choices. She can rely upon distant relations she’s never met before by relocating to England, or follow the tug on her heart to become a missionary wife to Sterling and a mother to his children. Although she may never arrive at finding true love, she decides having purpose and a family of her own is a dream worth pursuing. Nevermind the fact she’s suddenly afraid of horses and hasn’t done anything of the sort before.

When Charity arrives in Oregon, she must hit the ground running with no household or parenting skills whatsoever, accustomed to having servants and hired help for such things, practically raised by a nanny herself. She must also learn to do all of these things while overcoming grief and some new fears brought on by the accident. With no other means of survival, winning her husband’s heart is merely a distant dream and hope in the back of her mind.

Sterling Adams has buried his wife and infant child named Hope, but he has to admit the mail-order bride he sent for is captivating, full of charm, and a breath of fresh air. Still, he can’t shake his losses. Just when he thinks they may have a chance, will a surplus of crops resulting in a community financial crisis devastate his new home and family? Needing cash to survive, he leaves his children behind in the care of his new bride when a friend convinces him to join an expedition panning for gold. It’s his only chance, but will the weight of his absence crush his family? Can Charity survive for a few months without him? And can he even find any gold, or is it merely a fool’s errand that could cost him everything?

Get your copy today of this inspirational, heartwarming Historical Christian Romance and mail-order bride story taken from another case in the files of the eccentric matchmaker who runs the Westward Home and Hearts Matrimonial Agency.


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