CrossReads Book Spotlight: Callie’s Land

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Callie’s Land

(Oklahoma Land Lottery Book 2)

by Deanne Durrett

Callie's Land

In this Christian suspense, Wil’s claim becomes Callie’s land as soon as she crosses East Otter Creek and sets foot on the opposite bank. In the days to come, she must find the courage to homestead in the lawless Territory she never planned to visit, follow a dream she never shared, and face the man who shot Wil. With the Twaller Gang no longer a threat, rumors of vast amounts of outlaw booty attract a variety of unsavory treasure seekers. Some are awaiting Clay Douglas’s return, while others have plans to create their own gangs. Evan so, there seems to be safety between East and West Otter Creeks, but unseen threats lurk in the shadows of the tree-lined banks. Unusual gifts left for Callie and Angelia stir concern and suspicion. A few days later, Callie’s fears become reality when her best friend is kidnapped, and then the kidnapper comes after Callie. Will she be able to defend herself with the skills her grandfather taught her, or will her headstrong determination put her and Wil’s unborn child at further risk?


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