CrossReads Book Spotlight: A Match for Monty 10/13/2022

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

A Match for Monty

The Matchmaker-Agatha Returns Book 3

by Joi Copeland

A Match for Monty

Aspen Lockwood spends her days helping her family on their ranch in Colorado. With five younger brothers and sisters, she runs herself ragged, taking care of them and doing anything her parents require of her. She longs to have a family and ranch of her own and responds to a matchmaker’s advertisement. When Aspen gets a letter stating Agatha finds a man who meets her criteria, excitement bubbles through her as she tells her mother the good news, only to have her hopes dashed and an ultimatum placed before her.

Montgomery Underhill loves his life in the growing town of Great River, Montana Territory. Running a lumber mill and helping out the town, his days are filled to the brim, but coming home to an empty house every night wears on him. Monty finally writes to the matchmaker he’s heard so much about from people in town.

When the matchmaker pairs him with a woman, he can hardly believe it. Monty’s not an easy person to love, and suddenly he finds himself tied to a lady he doesn’t know. Monty and Aspen are complete opposites. Is love even a possibility?


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