CrossReads Book Spotligh: My Mama’s Mama Book 4 5/23/2024

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

My Mama’s Mama Book 4:

They Settled in Sitka: Finding a Person, Finding a Place

by Cheryle Coapstick

My Mama's Mama Book 4


With a frozen tundra in the north, rainforest in the southeast, barren volcanic islands in the southwest, and lakes and streams in the interior, it is a land that draws those with a pioneer spirit. A land that welcomes both scoundrels and saints. Alaska—the Last Frontier.

Sitka, Alaska, USA—previously, New Archangel, Russian America—to the Tlingits, Shee. Sitka’s relationship with its various peoples and cultures is multi-faceted, emotional, and almost mystical. Who are the people who settled the wooded mountains and pristine shorelines of Sitka?

• Agrefena clings to her ten-thousand-year-old Tlingit heritage and fights against the segregation of Sitka
when she enters adulthood in the 1920s.

• Ade Bunderson travels the Midwest and South with his father until fear and courage propel him to Alaska.

• Stormy Durand runs from everything he lost in WWI and finds solace in Alaska’s wilderness.

• Father Alexi flees the Russian Revolution with his family and attempts to cross the waters to Alaska.

• Ollyanna Oskolkoff journeys from the Kenai Peninsula to Sitka to rescue her sister.

Each one’s life connects with Miss Ruth and finds through her love for this land the comfort and guidance they need while settling in Sitka.

They’ve come home!



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