Content in All Circumstances

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By CJ Hitz

“…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” – Philippians 4:11

In the last month, Shelley & I found our contentment being challenged to the max. It all began with an email near the end of March from the property manager who handles the condo we rent. The email was simple…

“The owner wants to know if you guys plan to keep renting the place for another year?”

Our response was also simple…

“Yes we would like to sign another year extension. If possible, we’d even be interested in signing a longer lease. We’ve really enjoyed the place.”

The property manager said he’d relay the message to the owner and get back with us soon. The next day, we received the following email…

“The owner has a friend that possibly has an interest in purchasing the property and would like to see it. Very preliminary, I believe at this time that owner will extend the lease unless this friend would purchase at a price acceptable to her. I’d like to meet owner and friend there on Thursday at 6 PM according to the owner’s instructions. Won’t take long; will that work for you?”

Whoa, hold your horses here. We go from possibly renewing the lease to now getting the place ready for the owner to show it to a friend? I have to admit that my feathers were now a bit ruffled as I thought about the possible outcomes. They showed the place to the friend and our worst fears were a reality the next day as we received this email from the property manager…

“Unfortunately, the news is not good. The owner isn’t going to sell the place, but wants to lease the place for a couple of years to a good friend/acquaintance. They raised the rent (probably justified) and will also no longer utilize my services. So they asked me to give you 30 days’ notice that the lease will terminate and you will need to vacate by the end of the day, April 30, 2013.”

Wow. Two words summed up my feelings…numbness and shock.

The next two weeks were a mixture of denial and anger. Eventually, I came to the place of acceptance. We had much to be grateful for over the course of the last year, not least of which was simply being blessed with this condo in the first place.

When we arrived in Colorado Springs on April 20, 2012 we hadn’t yet secured a place to live, though we did have a few appointments to see some places that looked interesting to us. Once we saw this condo with its view of Pikes Peak out our front window and an unobstructed view of the city skyline out our back window, we knew this was where we wanted to call home. Amazingly, everything fell into place where we were able to put down a deposit and sign a lease within three days of arriving here from Ohio with a moving truck full of our earthly belongings. We even found a guy on Craigslist who offered to help us move our stuff into the condo the night before the moving truck was due to be returned. Talk about incredible timing!

We really couldn’t have asked for a place more suitable for our needs…and wants. Throughout the course of the year, I found myself gazing out our front window at the grandeur of Pikes Peak and thanking the Lord for giving me this desire of my heart. And now it was about ready to be taken away.

Naturally, I found myself asking “Why?” Why would the Lord bless us with this place for only a year? It just didn’t make sense in my finite mind. I was tempted to have ill thoughts toward the owner for doing this to us. “Why would they do this to good tenants?” Being landlords ourselves, I couldn’t imagine doing this to good tenants-not even for a friend. The enemy was playing my mind like a fiddle with one sad tune after another being written.

Last weekend in church we were singing “Blessed Be Your Name” by Matt Redman. I had sung this song more times than I could count, but on this day the following words in the song had a different meaning…

You give and take away

You give and take away

My heart will choose to say

Lord, blessed be Your name

The Lord had already been doing a divine work in my heart the previous week as I surrendered our condo to Him and accepted whatever was ahead. I even found myself praying for and blessing the owner. What a freedom comes when we surrender! Peace replaces fear and worry. And despite the circumstances we encounter, the Lord’s name is always worthy of being blessed with praise.

So after a month where a few more gray hairs were added to my collection and a lesson in contentment was taught (and hopefully learned), you’ll never believe what’s transpired over the last week. I can hardly believe it myself. Turns out that the friend of the owner who was supposed to rent the place received a job transfer out of state! The owner called us last week to see if we’d like to stay. Needless to say, we just signed the renewed lease for another year.

Lord, blessed be Your name


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CJ on South SisterCJ Hitz is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. In his downtime, he enjoys spending time outdoors running, hiking and exploring God’s beautiful creation.  CJ and his wife Shelley have written several best-selling books which can be found at their website –

They reside in Colorado Springs, CO and are grateful for a place to live

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