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By Henry Martin

Authors, writers, creators are we. Living in this time-set, 2013; the here and now. We have found one another in the dimensions of the internet referred to as Social Media. We are as varied as the stars, but yet in one accord as Facebook friends and tweeting birds (that’s very pinteresting). We are from all walks of life yet, we all walk (as best we can) with our God. We are a Community of the Creator using the technology of man to further our lives and goals…even our hopes, in this ever shrinking world. We are writers, publishers, editors, illustrators, artists. We are moms, dads, brothers, and sisters who have found a harbor, a place of refuge, safety and help, along the internet super highway. We have pages, we have blogs, we have walls…sometimes inside our houses, and sometimes outside among the trees, but always on p.c.’s (unless, you guessed it, were on an Apple tree) We are everywhere, and at the moment; we are here.

We are a community.

We talk about our work, our writing, our dreams. We share our hurts, our hopes, yes…even our schemes. We are miles apart, yet as close as a click on a mouse (which has never been stirring, not ever in my house). And when life has us down or when the enemy has us bound; we even pray together. That makes us stronger and it makes us one. We are dreamers, willing to go out and do what our Creator has laid upon our hearts to accomplish…maybe even to go where no human has gone before.

But we are never alone.

We have each other, and we have Him. Through the modern miracle of technology called the World-Wide-Web we gather together one life at a time to form a greater good or write a better line.

Possibly without ever knowing it, we are breaking bread, and partaking of the wine.

We are Communing.

We tell our stories and paint the skies. We feel the hurts and dry tear stained eyes. We go to far off lands with adventure galore, always returning…home. We try to pass from one mind to another ideas and hopes of peace. We tell love stories as best we can, but we can never tell a story without telling of Him. The One True Love story. We just can’t match His power and glory when it comes to telling a story. We tell of great ships that soar through the night, all the while hoping to point to the Light. Cowboys and cowgirls and horses, oh my! Then watching the sunset in the western sky. Oh, yes, my friends we may be telling our stories and painting different worlds that seem far, far apart; but truth be told, we tell them from our Christian heart.

In a world growing colder each and every day, may we vow to point to the Hope of Glory that can warm the heart and pave the way; we point to Jesus.

We are Communicating.

more publicity shots 001H.C. Beckerr is the author of HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS and he resides in the St. Louis area. Over the past ten years he has served as an interim pastor at a small Baptist church, an associate pastor, as well as a youth pastor, all in the St. Louis area and all the while working on his first Christian-based, science fiction novel.

A love for the outdoors as well as a love for mystery and the unknown things of life was fostered in his early childhood by his many visits to an archeological site not far from his home known as Cahokia Mounds. This is where the idea for his Christian based Science Fiction novel was spawned, nurtured, and brought to life.

Being a man of faith and family, as well as having a 9781449717957_cover.indddeep love for this country, is at the center of all that entails this simple mid-western man. He can be found on Facebook pages H.C. Beckerr, Henry Martin, and HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS as well as reached at as well as his blog page InsaneFaithNow at

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