GNF Weekend Read: Changing Zip Codes

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By Carol Stratton

If you’ve ever packed up your entire house and seen it shipped off to a strange address, if you’ve ever had to walk into a new church, if you’ve ever had to hold your child’s hand in a new school, you will know why I wrote Changing Zip Codes: Finding Community Wherever You’re Transplanted.

With 22 moves with husband, four kids and a dog under my belt, I share encouraging stories, miracles and hope for newcomers. You can learn to move while keeping your family and humor intact!

If you are well rooted, consider purchasing the book to help understand the struggles a new neighbor or military family may be experiencing or better still, buy them a copy in print or ebook.

“After twenty-two moves, Carol Stratton is a relocation expert with a heart for the newcomer. Carol’s warm and witty stories, based on personal experiences, offer hope and encouragement to anyone faced with a move.” — Florence Littauer, International Author and Speaker, Founder of CLASSeminar ministry.

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CarolStrattonSMCarol G. Stratton has written for publications that include InTouch magazine,, and Kyria, two anthologies, Writing so Heaven Will be Different and Extraordinary Answers to Prayers (Guideposts) and has been interviewed on Moody Radio Midday Connection After logging 22 moves with her husband, four children and a dog, and hearing every moving joke (“Guess you’re moving cause you hate to clean your house.” or, “Is the IRS is looking for you?”), she developed a website: The book is an outgrowth the website and her passion to help people move while keeping their families and humor intact.

Her book, Changing Zip Codes, Finding Community Wherever You’re Transplanted is an outgrowth of the website as her humorous and inspiring stories will motivate anyone face a big transition in their life. This forty-day devotional published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, is available at

Carol has four grown children and two grandchildren. Currently she and her husband, John, live in North Carolina where she speaks to MOPS and other women’s groups while learning to love livermush.

“Having just moved, this was a welcome enouragement to me. It is so easy to become lonely during this time of change, but the words assure you that God is in control of every step.” rgtcates,

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  1. The book is an outgrowth the website and her passion to help people move ,The book is an outgrowth the website and her passion to help people move .


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