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A Couple of Quick Tips to get Ready for Nano

by Parker J. Cole

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2nd Annual So-Cal Christian Writers Conference

by Parker J. Cole Last year, I had the honor of being one of the faculty of the 1st So-Cal Christian Writers Conference. I’ll be joining the faculty again this year and I’m so excited. As I get more information, I’ll share it with you.   In order to prepare for this year, I thought […]

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The Strength of the Chronically Ill

by Parker J. Cole There are a number of people I know who are currently suffering from chronic illness. Chronic illness is dealing with a sickness, a disorder, or something of that nature that won’t go away. It’s with you every day.   Those of us who do suffer from chronic illness may experience […]

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The Queen of Tuesday Night Wants You!

by Parker J. Cole I showcase Christian authors worldwide. It’s my dream to showcase authors from every continent in the world. My pastor says constantly, “People Everywhere Need Jesus.” The truth of those words rings like bells especially in the world we live in today.  Perhaps you’re not equipped to be a missionary or a pastor. […]

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Well We’re Movin’ On Up by Parker J. Cole

Who can forget the iconic theme song from the 70’s show, The Jeffersons? The song is so ingrained in American pop culture the younger generations who haven’t even seen the very popular sitcom grasp the concept of it. The chorus section says, “Well we’re movin on up, To the east side. To a […]

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Write Stuff Prayercast by Parker J. Cole

The attacks in Kenya and Paris two weeks ago bothered me like nothing had in a while. So much so, I cried most of the weekend at the senseless crimes. Since then, more people have died from bombings, shootings, and other methodologies of destroying human life. We all have the understanding things cannot […]

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Parker’s Top Ten Episodes of the Write Stuff by Parker J. Cole

Next week Tuesday is the 2nd year anniversary of my show The Write Stuff where I feature authors of Christian fiction and non-fiction every Tuesday 7pm Eastern time. You can catch show via my blog site at I’ve enjoyed every single show I’ve had the honor to host but there are some […]

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