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Slow Down

by Suzanne D. Williams It is ironic that the topic bothering me right now is the antithesis of many writer’s goals in November, but frankly, coming up with 50,000 words in four short weeks is a little ridiculous without a great deal of planning. Now, this isn’t to make fun of any writer’s efforts. The statistics on success […]

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A Public Confession

by Suzanne D. Williams I just want to read a book. Reading makes better writers, they say. But writing has made me a horrible reader. I remember reading for the fun of it, losing my day amidst the pages of some novel . . . 200,000 words or more. Now, I can’t manage 1,000 without […]

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A Glimpse of Heaven

by Parker J. Cole There was a YouTube video going around about a year or so ago. It showed an all Korean choir singing Richard Smallwood’s classic song, “Total Praise.” Largely attributed as part of the black gospel choir circuit, the buzz about how well this all Korean choir sounded had everyone viewing […]

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In or Out? by Staci Stallings

If you’re a Christian, you’ve surely heard the story of Peter out there in the boat on the wind and waves. Then out from the waves there comes a figure–walking. At first Peter and his friends think it’s a ghost, and they freak out. Through the wind, they hear a voice call out: […]

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Two Days in Caracas: A Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich

CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray, is back in Book 2 of the Titus Ray Thriller Series written by Luana Ehrlich. The first book, One Night in Tehran, was published in August 2014 and has received over 300 five-star reviews on Amazon. This new Christian thriller series introduced readers to Titus Ray, a veteran […]

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Pink by Suzanne D. Williams

The first YA I ever wrote, ME & TIMOTHY COOPER, set me on a path I didn’t expect to take in writing. I never thought it’d be so well received or would spawn so many more teenage romance stories. It’s been fun, and I can say, although I write many genres, I always […]

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GNF Weekend Read: Changing Zip Codes

By Carol Stratton If you’ve ever packed up your entire house and seen it shipped off to a strange address, if you’ve ever had to walk into a new church, if you’ve ever had to hold your child’s hand in a new school, you will know why I wrote Changing Zip Codes: Finding […]

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