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Praying for Salvation

by June Foster Is there anyone in your life – friend or family – that you’d love to see come to salvation? Have you been praying for this person for what seems like forever, and sometimes you ask God if He really hears your prayers? I have. And I’d like to encourage you. […]

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And the Winner Is……

Send to Kindle   The winner is Julie-jliippo.  She will be receiving copies of “Missing” and “Found” by Suzanne Williams…

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Romance and a Cup of Tea

by Suzanne D. Williams So there I was, Kindle in hand, ready to read, and my thoughts went something like this: Ah, a romance story. This should be good. Chapter one, enter main male character. Rugged cowboy who used to live here. Gotcha. I clicked. Next page. Enter female character. Oh, I like […]

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Going on Hiatus

by:  Staci Stallings With the end of May and beginning of June being particularly busy for me this year, I am putting the G&F blog on hiatus until June 26, 2012.  For the latest news direct from our authors please visit us on Facebook at: I’ll see you in June! Have a […]

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G&F Welcomes Fearless Author, Suzanne Williams

Today I’d like you to meet a lovely woman who has overcome many challenges thanks to God’s help.  Suzanne Williams now runs the Fearless group on FB, helping others to overcome fear issues and live again. Welcome, Suzanne.  Thanks for joining us! We’d love to know a little about you.  Who is Suzanne […]

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Review of “Your LIfe, a Legacy”

Reviewed by Peggy Blann Phifer “Your Life, a Legacy” by Joy DeKok For being only 45 pages, Your Life, a Legacy is amazingly packed with wonderful truths and insightful thoughts. Things, I admit, I have seldom, if ever, given much consideration. Joy did a guest post on my blog earlier this month and […]

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Changes coming to Grace & Faith 4U

First of all, thanks so much for following our inaugural blogs on this site!  We so appreciate all of our readers and authors. As the new year begins, we are making a few relatively minor changes around here to better serve you. Beginning Jan. 2, this main blog will transition to reader-only content.  […]

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Some Thoughts & Ideas for Marketing a Series

by: Naomi Musch I’m feeling my way through marketing madness just like every novelist these days. We learn as we go, and pray our way through as we hasten to keep up with blogs and tweets, and try to determine which social marketing techniques really work for us and which are time-wasters or […]

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Merry Christmas from Grace&Faith4U!

Send to Kindle We here at Grace & Faith 4u would like to wish all of our readers and authors a very MERRY and peace-filled Christmas! In this time of joy, we remember those we have lost and those who are with us only in spirit.  May we remember to give hugs to everyone who […]

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Blog Party TODAY ONLY!

Don’t miss the first-ever GraceAndFaith4U Blog Party! “Faith, Fun, & Food” today only…

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