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Writing Real Good

By Deborah Heal Fiction or “Serious” Writing? Fiction writers sometimes harbor a secret embarrassment that their stories are less important than the sermons, essays, and treatises of the “serious” non-fiction writer. But never forget the tremendous power of imaginative writing! C. S. Lewis believed the only way we grasp any idea with clarity is if we have an image […]

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The Education of One White Woman

By Deborah Heal I consider my book Every Hill and Mountain as sort of like an assignment for a “continuing education program.” You know, that life-long one about becoming more sanctified. As slow as I’m learning things, I figure God may decide to keep me in school another hundred years or so before […]

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By Ada Brownell “For a long time propagandists have recognized that lying must be avoided,” says Jacques Ellul, author of “Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes”. [1]“In propaganda, truth pays off.” Where propaganda goes to work to change minds is in the “interpretation” of the truth, or the way they twist the truth. […]

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Suzanne D. Williams Today we have one of our most active GNFA authors. She’s here to tell us a little more about herself and her book,  Suzanne,what inspired this story? Actually, I dreamed it in its entirety. I saw every character, every scene, heard the dialogue in my head, and only had to […]

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Feeling like a Misfit

By Joana Melisia James The following is an excerpt from “Trusting God with Your Future” the second volume of the Soul Food series. This book is FREE for Kindle TODAY (October 23, 2013)   The world’s values are often the opposite of God’s values. This can often cause Christians to feel like misfits. Many […]

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Digging Up Your Past so You Can Resurrect Your Future

By Gina Conroy Sometimes when writing a novel, the story takes on a life of its own. The words and themes seem to flow naturally, without much thought, and by some miracle, it all seems to work together. As if God planned it that way. That’s how it was with Digging Up Death. […]

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Change Can Be A Good Thing

By Amy McGuire It’s hard to believe the last day of summer and the first day of fall have come and gone.  I’ve been watching the leaves on the maple and oak trees in my neighbourhood slowly change colours and am reminded that there is a season for everything.  I think King Solomon […]

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Book Release: The Way

Send to Kindle The Way   By Mary E. Twomey   ASIN: B00EYQ7V01 $9.99   Volume One of the Vemreaux   Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Fiction – Dystopia       In a world not divided by race, creed or color, but by blood type, Blue Anders finds herself on the wrong end of fortune’s […]

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Love Me Sane Book Signing

Hello Everyone, I had my first book signing for Love Me Sane on 8/31/2013 at the Barnes and Noble on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was elated by the amount of support I received from family and friends. This was also my birthday so I felt like a spiritual rebirth occurred. […]

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By Lillian Duncan   James 4: 8  Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you.     We humans are not necessarily the smartest of God’s creations even though we think we are! We seem to go out of our way to hurt ourselves in so many different creative ways. […]

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