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How to Write a Novella by Suzanne D. Williams

I have made my writing career on novellas and short stories. By definition, this is any book less than 40,000 words. To date, I have seventy in publication written in a four year time span. So to say I know how to write one is putting it mildly. I recently read the words […]

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What to Consider Before Writing for the General Market by Precarious Yates

Is it possible to be a Christian author writing for the general market? Yes, and I would say it’s incredibly necessary. The general market needs books that have a Christian worldview. This isn’t a simple task. One needs to have thick skin, clear vision and plenty of time in prayer and reading God’s […]

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Integrity & Writing by SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS

When I was originally going to write this blog, I had a list of “tired” storylines, plots that have been used and re-used, but I realized in scanning it, that much of what was listed was simply my opinion. Opinion, by definition, is simply a personal view. Thinking of it positively, it isn’t […]

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Crowdfunding and Authors – An Opinion Part One by Parker J. Cole

Crowdfunding is a wonderful vehicle to get ideas started and generated. Instead of the practice of seeking well-heeled investors who want a giant chunk of the profits for your idea, you invite the general public and those potential well-heeled investors to see if they want to partake of your idea. The concept is […]

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Similes and Metaphors: The Algorithms of the Novel by Precarious Yates

Algorithm. It’s a word that’s thrown around a lot lately. Basically, an algorithm is a way to sort things, or, rather, the best way to sort things. It’s a very math-y and sciency term. So how on earth could a novel have an algorithm? The last time I wrote for Grace & Faith […]

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Writing Tips – Keep It Simple by Suzanne D. Williams

I read an article recently that outlines a number of writing habits authors need to kick, and it set me thinking about some of those very same things I’d seen in recent books. Here are my current top three: People dump – Introducing too many characters too soon with very little explanation of […]

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Vision, Planning, Courage

by:  Staci Stallings Recently I’ve taken a leadership role in a local church organization.  When I first started, I didn’t realize the intense spiritual opposition that would be creating conflicts and obstacles with every step we tried to take forward.  As I worked and worked through problem after problem, some small, some quite […]

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Things I’ve Learned Writing by Suzanne D. Williams

Readers often don’t see the big picture when it comes to an author’s style. I know I get reviews about books I wrote long ago where the critique is honest and even true, but at the time of their reading it, I’ve gone so far from that point that it’s no longer relevant. […]

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Writers Who Are Christian or Christian Writers? by Parker J. Cole

This year marks the second year anniversary of my show Write Stuff which airs Tuesdays at 7 pm Eastern time. I have been privileged to interview authors from around the world of different Christian faith walks, life experiences, and genres. To say “It’s been rewarding” is not adequate enough to express how I […]

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Writing In First Person Suzanne D. Williams

I have a friend who hates first person. When I told her I was writing this article, I asked her what made it so bad, and she said, “The first person aspect.” I admit I laughed, but digging deeper, it seemed the problem was that a lot of times writers who choose first […]

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