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CrossReads Book Blast for Michelle Word Hollis

Send to Kindle It’s in the House: Lessons from a Widow Woman – Getting What You Need & More! By Michelle Word Hollis About the Book: In this book you will discover the powerful lessons, from the Biblical story of the Widow’s Oil, that will help you overcome any difficulty you are currently facing. You […]

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CrossReads Book Blast for Anne-Rae Vasquez

Send to Kindle Doubt By Anne-Rae Vasquez About the Book: Harry Doubt, a genius programmer and creator of the popular online game ‘Truth Seekers’, has a personal mission of his own; to find his mother who went mysteriously missing while volunteering on a peacekeeping mission in Palestine. His gaming friends and followers inadvertently join in […]

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CrossReads Book Blast for Becca Fisher

Send to Kindle Amish Romance 40 Book Boxed Set By Becca Fisher About the Book: This collection features 40 Amish Romance stories by Becca Fisher including: The Amish Wedding Series Rebecca Lapp has her life back together after a tough break up. She’s found a new man and is finally happy once again. But when […]

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CrossReads Book Blast for Robin Merrill

Send to Kindle The Jesus Diet: How the Holy Spirit Coached Me to a 50-Pound Weight Loss By Robin Merrill About the Book: In The Jesus Diet: How the Holy Spirit Coached Me to a 50-Pound Weight Loss, Author/Poet Robin Merrill shares her weight loss experiences through 30 Bible devotions designed to inspire others to […]

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CrossReads Book Blast: A Nation Under Judgment by Richard Capriola

Send to Kindle A Nation Under Judgment By Richard Capriola About the Book: A Nation Under Judgment defines wisdom as “the ability to see things from God’s point of view.” It reviews our nations social polices, including hunger, poverty, the environment, marriage, homelessness as well as others, from a Scriptural point of view. It empowers […]

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CrossReads Book Blast for Elizabeth Maddrey

Send to Kindle Hope Deferred By Elizabeth Maddrey About the Book: Christian fiction for women. It’s been a tough year. Twin sisters June and July and their husbands spent the last year trying to start a family. Now, as the sisters work with fertility specialists to see how medicine can help them conceive, each must […]

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CrossReads Bookblast for Lisa J. Schuster

Send to Kindle Service Station Angel By Lisa J. Schuster About the Book: Sometimes God places you in a situation of great perplexity, but you perceive His intentions are premeditated and purposeful. Do you trust His lead? “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their […]

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Crossreads Book Blast for Gisela Yohannan

Send to Kindle Let Me Walk with You: Letters of Faith and Strength By Gisela Yohannan About the Book: Are you feeling alone or overwhelmed in your journey with the Lord Jesus? In this volume of letters, originally addressed to women serving on the challenging mission fields of South Asia, Gisela Yohannan shares precious lessons […]

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CrossReads Book Blast for Heidi McCahan

Send to Kindle Unraveled By Heidi McCahan About the Book: Blind-sided by her questionable fiance, Lauren Carter returns to the one place she’s been avoiding, the place she used to call home. As she’s forced to look into the eyes of her past and even worse, her unraveling future she discovers that running only leaves […]

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CrossReads Book Blast featuring Amy von Borstel

Send to Kindle  Prayers of a Mother’s Heart: For a Chosen Generation By Amy von Borstel About the Book: If you knew that your prayers could change the lives and futures of your children or grandchildren, would you pray regularly? Prayers of a Mother’s Heart: For a Chosen Generation is a hope-filled resource for those […]

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