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The Book of Matthew: Life of Jesus Christ

by Deborah H. Bateman Book Spotlight The Book of Matthew: Life of Jesus Christ (Daily Bible Reading Series 9) by Deborah H. Bateman “The Book of Matthew: Life of Jesus Christ” is a Daily Bible Reading Study by Deborah H. Bateman, which takes you through the life of Jesus Christ. The book of […]

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Mapped Out Murders: A NANoWriMo Project

by Mary C Findley My NaNoWrimo project for this year is called Mapped Out Murders. NaNoWriMo, by the way, is a project to write at least 50,000 words on a new novel project during the month of November. You need to write a little under 1700 words a day to reach that goal. […]

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Book Spotlight: Christians Response to Government

Christians Response to Government (Daily Bible Reading Series Book 32) by Deborah H. Bateman Christians Response to Government is a Daily Bible Reading Study by Deborah H. Bateman. It is Book 32 in the Daily Bible Reading Series. Deborah wrote this book in response to the events surrounding the 2016 United States Presidential […]

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The Message of My Writing

by Lisa M. Prysock A warm hello to you on this fine October day!  I’m sharing about the message of my writing and my newest release in this brief four minute author video interview filmed at my home and hope you enjoy it.  Here’s the link to the video, and below it is […]

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Because of Us

by Charles Haddon Spurgeon “For the elect’s sale those days be shortened”   (Matthew 24:22). For the sake of His elect the LORD withholds many judgments and shortens others. In great tribulations the fire would devour all were it not that Out of regard to His elect the LORD damps the flame. Thus, […]

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Slow Down

by Suzanne D. Williams It is ironic that the topic bothering me right now is the antithesis of many writer’s goals in November, but frankly, coming up with 50,000 words in four short weeks is a little ridiculous without a great deal of planning. Now, this isn’t to make fun of any writer’s efforts. The statistics on success […]

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Steampunk Short Version

by Mary C. Findley Sophronia Belle Lyon drinks tea, creates mechanicals, shoot when she can, travels widely, and writes Steam Pulp Literary Tributes. A certain mysterious man with fabulous shoulders is the genius who inspires her never say die heroes and eccentric inventors. She was a Cauldron Spirit in 4th Grade and has taken apart her […]

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Author Interview with CJ Peterson

by CJ Peterson Good Morning, CJ. Thanks for being here and for agreeing to do this interview. 🙂 1) Tell us about your newest book.  HEARTS UNITED (Book 3, Divine Legacy Series) came out at the end of August 2018. This book continues the journey of the next generation A.N.G.E.L.s (Available to Nurture God’s Eternal Love). […]

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by Suzanne D. Williams In my youth, before writing, I had one selfish image of books – what enjoyment and satisfaction I’d find in reading. As an author, it became a process, weeks, months, of my time, as well as a whole lot of self-doubt and headaches. But recently, my thoughts on books have altered yet again. Greater than […]

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Jonah: When GOD Calls

JONAH: When GOD Calls By Deborah H. Bateman Go to: Get your copy now! #Jonah #TheBookOfJonah #Kindle #Kindlebooks #BibleStudy #DailyBibleReading #Devotional #DeborahHBateman JONAH: When GOD Calls by Deborah H. Bateman is a Daily Bible Reading study of the book of Jonah from the Old Testament of the Bible. Even though Jonah was […]

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