Call of the Writer by Parker J. Cole

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Parker J Cole

I know I should probably have used this opportunity to talk about myself and my work as a writer. I decided against that as I thought of the changing and rising world of Christian fiction.

As the host of the Write Stuff, I have the honor and the privilege to interview Christian fiction and nonfiction authors from all walks of the faith. From philosophy to romance, speculative fiction to personal testimony, there are a wide range of books available for the avid and voracious reader.

Doing this show has been a blessing because I learn so much from other writers. I made a decision to only showcase Christian authors because I believe writing is a gift from God and it should be used for His glory. Does that mean I don’t read secular works? Not at all. Yet, with the plethora of authors from just about every genre known to man, I’m pretty sure I can find what I’m looking for from those of the kingdom of God.

Let me just highlight a few for you: Some authors chose to use their gifts to create stunning worlds such as David Johnson’s Fool’s Errand, part of the Chadesh Chronicles. Others choose to immerse us in secret societies and things under our noses like in K. T. Kaufman’s All Souls. I’ll never forget when I read the fabulous Christian zombie story by Pauline Creed called Sanctuary. It took me for a wild ride. Frank Lattimore’s Freedom Fight plunged me into the depths of spiritual warfare.

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to philosophers like Jordan Wei and his book Precursory Apologetics. It packed a wallop and under 100 pages, you’d be surprised at how clear and concise he is as he tells us how to find meaning in life. Josh Peck taught us about knowing the Bible for ourselves and doing our own study in Disclosure. C. Nathaniel Brown gave us his personal testimony in his book, Devil In the Mirror. I could not believe all the variety of ways Christians use their gifts.

Then I realized what’s happening. God has used authors to spread His word in this new age of publishing. As authors, we are “going into all the world and preaching the gospel”. How cool is that? The world is at our finger tips. The author is more in control of their career than ever before via a variety of self-publishing vehicles. Amazon is the most prominent and recognizable one. However, there are others that bring the author the ability to get their work in front of readers.

If you are a writer waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment, that moment is now. Right now. Do not wait any longer to write and publish the message that God has called you to write. Who knows who you may reach through your words? As a reader, I hope to encourage you to find new writers to love and follow as they bring about the gospel. To the writer looking for an avenue to showcase your work, I’d love to have you on the show. Visit my website at Parker J. Cole for more information. Let me know how I can help you.

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  1. This — “Do not wait any longer to write and publish the message that God has called you to write” — is so true! There will never be a “perfect” moment to write, and there has never been a better time than now (with Amazon, the Internet, etc.) to get your book out there. It’s an exciting time for all authors, but I think especially for Christian authors, who no longer need to confine themselves to a small number of publishers and their exacting “rules.” There’s nothing wrong with those publishers, but there is so much more out there these days. Thanks for mentioning my book All Souls, Parker. I haven’t read the other books you mentioned, but I’ve put them on my TBR list now!


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