Book Spotlight: The Butler’s Daughter: A Story of Black Gotham

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by Parker J. Cole

The Butlers Daughter

Sebro Devereaux makes no apologies for her life as a courtesan. Known for her beauty, wit, and charm, she has carved a liberating and wealthy path for herself as mistress to some of the most powerful and elite men in the city. If she is burdened by memories of a painful past, no one knows it but her.

When she encounters a mysterious, injured man with a spotty memory, she invites him into her home as he heals from his wounds and soon, he offers his strength as her protector.

Jupiter Terhune can’t remember how he wound up bleeding on the steps of his new employer, but he knows he has always been in love with her from afar. Yet, his mind doesn’t have all the pieces and flashes of some hidden terror and an urgent sense of time running out are interwoven through his murky recollections.

When secrets from her past threaten her livelihood and independence, Sebro finds herself clinging to Jupiter in an effort to find solace in the turbulent storms of her life. As he begins to remember the events that led him to her doorstep, Jupiter realizes that Sebro is in great danger… from himself.

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