Book Spotlight: Sodom: A Nation on it’s Knees

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Book Spotlight

Sodom: A Nation On Its Knees

(The Search for the Righteous Book 1)

by Pam Funke


Book blurb:

3,902 years ago, there was a city so evil, corrupt and filled with sin that God saw no other choice, but to completely destroy it. The city of Sodom was completely destroyed by a rain of fire in a single day.

The great nation of the United States of America, a nation founded and built on God, has since turned its back on God. The people have allowed the government to remove Him from our schools, our jobs and are trying to remove Him from our churches. Many have chosen to remove Him even from their homes. Why is this happening to us they ask as they helplessly watch the nation’s wickedness increase? How much longer will God allow us to continue in our sinful ways? Will He destroy us as He did Sodom?

God said that if His angels can find 5,000 righteous in our nation that He will spare us. When His angels walk our nation will they find even one righteous? Will there be enough righteous found to spare our great nation?


The Year 2012

The Kingdom of Heaven

In the beautiful courtroom of God Almighty, God sat on His throne with Jesus sitting on His right hand. Gabriel and Michael were also in attendance, along with other angels, cherubim and seraphim. They were all quietly watching the events taking place on the earth. Jesus waved his right hand and they could see various events play out before them from the past, the present and the things yet to come.

Jesus stopped as they were seeing the scenes prior to the destruction of the city of Sodom. He smiled as he remembered eating a meal with Abram. It had been pleasurable despite the reason He was there. He remembered how Abram had pleaded with Him to not destroy the righteous along with the evil when He told Abram of his plan.

Jesus had allowed his angels to lead Abram’s nephew Lot and his family out of Sodom minutes before He rained fire and brimstone down on the city. It had been painful to Jesus to destroy the people of Sodom. He had not wanted anyone to perish. Jesus closed his eyes in thought. If only they had repented for their sins and turned from their wicked ways. I loved them yet they loved their wicked ways more. He sighed as he opened His eyes. His heart broke as he heard the screams of the people dying in the city. He watched as Lot’s family was fleeing toward the city of Zoar. All but one had obeyed the orders of  His angels. Lot’s wife, Talia, turned back to look at Sodom. It had been the last thing that she ever did as she was turned into a pillar of salt.

Gabriel looked over at Jesus, the Master was truly disturbed by the events that have taken place over time. He watched as Jesus waved His hand again and the scene before them changed once again. He turned to watch.

Michael could sense the Lord’s displeasure with man. He watched as man continued in his sinful ways. It saddened him to see so many choose their worldly ways instead of the Father. All through time, each generation seemed to behave worse than the generation before them.

One nation in particular seemed to sadden the Father more so than the others. Michael watched as Jesus seemed to focus on The United States of America. They watched the birth of the great nation. God seemed to take great delight in the birth. Here were a group of men working together to make for themselves a land in which they could freely worship God without the fear of persecution. Here was a nation that realized that they owed everything including their very lives to God. God smiled as they signed the Declaration of Independence. He smiled as they sang praises and worshipped Him.

Jesus waved his right hand again and they saw the progression of the United States. They were now involved in a war amongst themselves. They had forgotten one of their reasons for becoming a new nation; the equality of every man, woman and child. God frowned as He watched them kill each other; not once thinking of turning the situation over to Him and allowing Him to handle it. Jesus waved his right hand again and they watched as this great nation fought alongside many other nations in an effort to protect the freedom of others in a global dispute. When will they learn to trust the Father completely? Michael shook his head as they watched a new global battle take place against those that they had previously fought for. When will it ever end?

Again Jesus waved his right hand and they watched as horrifying acts of violence erupted and passed one right after the other. The Korean War, the assassination of the President of the United States,  the Vietnam War, the assassination of Martin Luther King (1968), the legalization of abortion (1973), the assassination attempt on another US President, the outbreak of the Aids virus, the bombing in Libya, the Gulf Wars, the attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon, the rise of blasphemous cults, riots in the streets, the rise of gangs, the increase of gang violence, sexual predators and serial killers, the bombing in Oklahoma city(1995), the list went on and on. It was all very depressing. Why have they not cried out to the Father? Do they not know that He alone is all powerful? I don’t understand them. Michael looked at Jesus, but said nothing.

Once again Jesus waved his right hand and they saw the present state of the United States. Things have not changed for the better. At least, not that Michael could see. The people of the United States have fallen from the grace of God. They have completely turned their backs on Him. They have removed Him from their homes, their schools, their places of work and from their very lives. They return evil with evil instead of turning it all over to the Master. Each and every day their sins overpower the good. Michael lowered his eyes in sadness.

He slowly turned towards Jesus, “They have become like the city of Sodom. How long Lord, will you allow them to continue down this path of destruction?”

Jesus nodded sadly to Michael and Gabriel giving them authority over the land. “If you can find 5,000 righteous I will spare the land,” Jesus said.


About the Author:

Pam FunkePam Funke is the grand-daughter of a Pastor and was brought up in the church. Her love of reading led her to write for the enjoyment of others. She lives in Hinesville, Georgia  with her son and daughter.




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