Book Review: Heaven’s Prey

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Heavens_Prey_Front_CoverWhat if your niece had been brutally murdered by a serial killer? The only way Ruth Warner can get any peace at all is by praying for Harry Silver, the famous race-car driver turned killer. At least he’s behind bars…until he escapes.

Ruth stops at a convenience store on her way home from prayer meeting only to muddle into a robbery in progress. Before she realizes what’s happened, she’s kidnapped and in Harry Silver’s grasp. He’s furious that she interrupted him—he’d pegging the young cashier as his next victim and had no intention of grabbing the plump middle-aged woman. When she admits she’s been praying for him for several years, he tells her calling on God now won’t do her a bit of good. It hadn’t helped his last victim any. Ruth’s niece.

Can Ruth’s faith sustain her to the end, whatever the cost?

Heaven’s Prey is not your usual suspense novel while at the same time it contains many heart-pounding scenes. While the reader is chewing nails, worrying about Ruth’s safety, Sketchley takes us deep into Silver’s mind. How can a man who once knew the height of fame, who was once a “good” man, become a depraved killer? Does God’s love pursue him? Is there any hope of restoration for one who stooped so low?

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Janet Sketchley is a Canadian author with a passion for story. She’s also a wife, mom, daughter, and friend who balances relationships and responsibilities while learning how faith applies to real life. Combine all that with her quirky imagination and love of fiction to get inspiring novels about everyday women in suspenseful situations, who discover more strength within than they could have dreamed.

Heaven’s Prey is her first novel.

Valerie-Comer-150x150Valerie Comer is a fiction author and a blogger where food meets faith. She and her husband of over 30 years farm, garden, and keep bees on a small farm in Western Canada, where they grow much of their own food, preserving vast amounts of it by canning, freezing, and dehydrating. She believes taking good care of both the planet and her family is an act of worship and thankfulness to God the Creator. Valerie writes farm lit such as Raspberries and Vinegar: A Farm Fresh Romance as a natural offshoot of her passions.

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