Battle of Wills by Naty Matos

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Battle of Wills

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
My Kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven…

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No, it’s not a typo. We have recited the Lord’s Prayer multiple times. We say we want God’s will for our lives, but really, do we? As many times as we have said that we do, we are always looking for ways to convince God to work on our prayers as if He were a customer service representative from our favorite store.

Here are some aspects that I have discovered in my life where we pray that God’s will be done in our life, but we really mean the words written above.


I was having a conversation with a friend who has been told on multiple occasions about something she should do. It is something that she doesn’t want to do and she has convinced herself that it may not be God’s will for her to engage in that activity. How many times have we been directed to do something in our lives and because we don’t feel prepared, feel pride, or simply because we don’t want to, we convince ourselves and try to convince others that it’s just not in God’s will?

Prayer Attempts

I have to confess that I’m guilty of this one. I want God’s direction in my life, so when a decision arrives I tell God, “I have to talk to you about this issue before making a decision.” Then I go about my business taking steps towards what I think that is the best course of action and I never take the time to sit and ask God, if it’s really His will for me to go forward with any direction related to the situation.

Prayers Answered

There are times where we want what we want and we’re determined to get it. We actually pray about it. Things seem to be developing well, though we never received a response from God. We told God what we were doing, and therefore He needs to get with the plan. Once we have crossed over the decision, things start falling apart. We then don’t understand the reason why.


We have received a promise from God. The desires of our heart will be received…but when? Waiting on God’s timing may very well mess up our plans and the way we want things to develop. We can be rebellious and believe that because it was promised we can go ahead and do it. God will bless it; after all He wanted me to have it…try again!


I was thinking last night that if my mother has an opportunity to rename me, she should name me Martha. I’m always asking God about what to do. “Ok, God, you want me to work on my being this or doing that…what do you want me to do?” I’m always asking for direction and instructions. I’ve heard Him say that He wanted me to do nothing, just let Him do. I promise that I looked to the side of me and said, “Are you serious? God, you want me to do Nothing? That’s Greek to me, but sometimes we are so busy doing, that we missed, like Martha, what Mary was enjoying…the best of God.


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