Author Interview With Paula Rose

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Today, we are interviewing Paula Rose. Thank you Paula for being here today and for agreeing to do this interview.

Question #1 What is the best thing about being an author? Telling the story the characters dictate. Sometimes, the end is even a surprise to me!

Question #2 What are some of the challenges of being an author? Keeping your writing time as scheduled. Life can get in the way, but my writing time is a priority even when characters don’t cooperate. I still write something even if it’s just my journal.

Question #3 Describe a Typical Day for You The day hours are dedicated to most of life’s duties and needs, while the night hours keep me writing.

Question #4 What genre(s) do you write? And why or how did you chose them? I write romantic suspense, suspense, and mysteries, because I always enjoyed stories with a puzzle.

Question #5 Do you read the same genre that you write? Why or why not? Yes, but I also read in multiple genres plus nonfiction as my reading tastes are eclectic. I review what I read on my Publishers Marketplace Blog at:

Question #6 What is something that readers would be surprised to know about you? I keep a writing journal. In it you’ll find sketches of stories or characters that burrow into my mind or some of the writing trials or dilemma’s that won’t leave.

Question #7 When and how did the writing bug bite you? I was a child who liked reading and the writing bug started young as my own stories rumbled and tumbled inside my head.

Question #8 When you write, do you plot everything out or not? Why does that work for you? I start with a story sketch and work from there. I have plotted and outlined, but sometimes, the characters don’t always keep to the script. In Revenge, Detective Lt. Phillip Landon was supposed to be an Alpha male, however, this character became someone totally different on paper leaving me to squirm with the plot! Meanwhile, Olivia Foster didn’t like playing the role of damsel in distress and became proactive and daring. Her unexpected moves left the author with some real catching up to do.

Paula Rose

Question #9 What is the best thing a reader or reviewer has ever said about you? Enjoyed this book and hoped to see more from Paula Rose!

Question #10 What is the worst thing a reader or reviewer ever said about you? How did you handle that? Someone once said the early version needed much work. I knew this to be true! However, the editing process made all well in the end.

About the Author:

Paula RoseAuthor Paula Rose brings an “average” family into extraordinary situations, brushes with life-size strokes of reality, adding just a touch of humor, and coats with suspense inside Christian fiction. Paula’s research gives readers a panoramic view from law enforcement and lends to character authenticity. She enjoys writing in the romantic suspense, suspense, and mystery genres, but when she’s not writing, Paula Rose is reading or playing amateur photographer. Member of ACFW. 2015 Genesis Contest judge. NetGalley member. 2014 Grace Awards judge.


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  1. I thank you for a wonderful interview at Grace & Faith 4 U!


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