Author Interview of Unoma Nwankwor

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Our interview today is with Unoma Nwankwor. Thank you Unoma for being here today and for agreeing to do this interview.

Question #1 What is the best thing about being an author?

The best thing about being an author for me is that I get to tell the stories of the people living in my head. I love the ability to weave tales that not only entertain but impact the reader.

Question #2 What are some of the challenges of being an author?

The greatest challenge for me is finding time to do it all. Balance. In addition to writing, I also run an entertainment business KevStel Group. That coupled with the fact I am a wife and a mom who also has a full time job. Don’t ask how I manage because I don’t even know…lol. I always say it is but by the grace of God.

Question #3 Describe a Typical Day for You.

A typical day for me starts at 5 am with quiet time. Then the race to get the kids to school and I of to work begins. In the evening its dinner, homework and prep for the next day. When the kids are in bed, I and my hubby have a little downtime before we start working on our own business. At that time I write, promote and respond to my business needs. Phew!

Question #4 What genre(s) do you write? And why or how did you chose them?

I write Christian Romantic Fiction. I am a romantic at heart. I am a sucker for a great romance story (film or print). I was introduced to Christian fiction in 2005, so when I began to write, it just seemed natural to add my faith, to romance then top it off with the essence of me and that is my Nigerian culture. Hence you have a fusion of faith, romance and African spice.

Question #5 Do you read the same genre that you write? Why or why not?

I read romance and Christian fiction so I guess the short answer is yes. Those are the stories I enjoy and they are also a medium for learning.

Question #6 What is something that readers would be surprised to know about you?

Hmm…interesting question. I guess they’d be surprised that I am a huge soccer fan.

Question #7 When and how did the writing bug bite you?

I’ve been writing since my teen years, it was a way to escape into my feelings. Being the only girl in a family of five, I couldn’t tell my brothers everything so I wrote it down. Things about life, so I guess I wrote nonfiction. Then I stopped for a long time. After I got saved, I blogged a bit. But through my husband, God gave me confirmation that writing was my ministry. But I ran from it. Why? Fear. Who would want to read what I wrote? However, God sure does have a way of getting your attention, so in 2012, I had a life threatening incident, I recovered and began walking in my calling. I haven’t looked back since.

Question #8 When you write, do you plot everything out or not? Why does that work for you?

Yes. I have an idea , then I plot. I have to have a basic road map. The finished product never ends up exactly the same because I let the characters speak. However I still have to know where I’m going. So for me I always write A will lead to B, and B to C…but then while writing, A1, A2 and A3 are born..

Question #9 What is the best thing a reader or reviewer has ever said about you?

One of which was made by Salt Bola Essien –Nelson about my second novel, When You Let Go. She said of “’When You Let Go’ was a captivating read for me. I cannot explain it but it wasn’t just an inspirational romance novel for me. It was more. I not only prayed for the characters, I prayed for myself.”

Question #10 What is the worst thing a reader or reviewer ever said about you? How did you handle that?

At this point, I wouldn’t say any review I’ve gotten was bad. Very early I learned, everybody is entitled to their opinion and not everybody would like my work. So with that said, I take the good and the bad. But nothing has been so terrible that I remember it.

Question #11 If you could go to one place and write, where would it be and why?

Really never thought about it. The place would just have to be serene.

Question #12 If you could have one experience back to do over again, what would it be and why?

Nothing. I live life without regrets. I take whatever lesson needs to be learned and move on. They all played a part in where I am right now.

Question #13 Who do you consider a mentor in your life? What did that person teach you?

Well, I would have to say I have two mentors…unofficially though. LOL. They are Pat Simmons and Sherri L Lewis. They both have taught me a great deal. Pat brings that big sister, “encourager”, stand firm in your faith factor, while Sherri painstakingly teaches me about writing. I love them both. Sherri will come down on me hard but I know it’s because she see the potential and won’t settle for me doing anything less. They probably have no idea of their influence in my life.

Question #14 Is writing your only job? If not, tell us a little about your “day” job.

No. I also have a day job as a recovery manager for a financial institution.

Question #15 If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?

No idea. I guess travelling.

Question #16 What is your favorite verse in the Bible? Why?

There are too many to name but the one through which my writing was birth and which always keeps me grounded is “Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.” Romans 12:12

Question #17 What is your favorite quote? Why?

This is another one where there are so many I love, however one I can share is “Courage is grace under pressure” Ernest Hemmingway

Question #18 What is your favorite book? Why?

I don’t have a favorite one. However, the book that made an impact on me as a young woman was Dreammaker by the late May Ezekiel Ellen. MEE as she was fondly called was a Nigerian author, publisher and owner/editor of a magazine. She was a media powerhouse. When I saw her, I saw what I knew I could become. I didn’t know anything about her until I read her book first fiction release, Dreammaker. After then I followed her every move. Sadly she passed in 1996,but I would never forget her.

Question #19 What other hobbies do you have?

Watching movies

Question #20 What is your workspace like? Clean or chaos?

Clean. I need order to operate. In my home, there is a dedicated office. My hubby has his space, the kids have their PC and I have my desk. Everybody knows mummy’s part is of limits.

Question #21 How did you break into writing?

I was more like pushed into it. After the incident I explained earlier, I just started writing. Then the wonderful Rhonda McKnight was kind enough to help me out with craft and kind words and the rest is history as they say.

Question #22 Where can people find you on the Internet?

You can find me on
Google Plus
And my blog

Question #23 What advice do you have for other authors?

My advice is be true to you. Make your own voice come through, and also , once you start writing don’t go back and edit until you’re done. Your goal should be to get to the end. Any other ideas you remember can be jotted down.

Question #24 Tell us about your book.

A Scoop Of Love is my third novel and fourth publication. It is the first book in my Sons of Ishmael series. This series is about three brothers who were supposed to be sons of favor until their father made a decision that changed everything. It showcases how demons of the past can dampen your future if you don’t surrender them to God.

Question #25 Tell us about the characters in your book.

Rasheed Danjuma is the first son of the Danjuma clan. He is a no nonsense character who was forced to grow up way before his time, to make up for the absence of his father. His hate for his father fueled his drive to succeed. Ibiso Jaja is a Jesus loving caterer who has sworn off men with “success” demons. However when her dream hung in the balance, she had to come face to face with the type of man she had struggled so hard to avoid-Rasheed.

Question #26 Do you include your own life in your books? Why or why not?

No. However my voice is distinctive of insights from my culture and similar experiences.

Question #27 What is special to you about this book?

All my books have a special sentiment for me. But I guess for this series, the men are the center of attention.

Question #28 What do you hope readers take away from this book?

I hope they will take away the fact that when we let our past dictate our future, we can miss out on God’s love.

Question #29 What’s your favorite “treat”?

Pepperoni slices

Question #30 Morning or night, which is the best and why?

I’m a night owl. But each day is a day the Lord has made, so I’m always glad.

Question #31 Favorite season and why?

I love the fall. Not too hot, not too cold.

Question #32 Favorite sport and why?

Soccer and basketball. I understand them. Football, not so much.

Question #33 Least favorite household or yard chore?

Cleaning bathrooms

Question #34 Least favorite thing to do?

Cook. I do it but not one of my favorite things

Question #35 Favorite thing to do?

Spend time with my family.

Question #36 You have a whole day to go anywhere and do anything. What would that be and why?

Movies…I would sit and soak up all the deliciousness of the world of make believe.

Question #37 Pose a question for our readers to answer…

How do you find out about new authors? What is the number one thing that influences your decision to try a new author?

About the Author:

Unoma Osteg-Nonkwor

Unoma Nwankwor is the co-owner of KevStel Group, a Christian entertainment company, specializing in movie productions, book publications and hosting events. A romantic at heart, she is passionate about telling stories of faith and hope about love. She hopes to capture her readers through stories that are faith based with an element of love. After all, “and now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” ~1 Corinthians 13:13
Born in Akron, Ohio to Nigerian parents, Unoma spent her childhood and early adulthood years in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. She now resides in Atlanta with her husband and two kids.

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