Are You Wealthy?

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By Donna Benson

Being rich or wealthy is usually equated with money. However, money is not the greatest wealth we can achieve today. There are many people who are rich in money and poor in relationships, family, morals, and much more that affect our success in life.

In a recent conversation with a friend, he said many think my husband and I are wealthy. I knew he meant in money when I laughed. No, we are not rich in money…far from it. Yet, as I thought about it, I realized we are very wealthy in everything that really matters in life. We have a great marriage of nearly forty years…as best friends and lovers. We have family and extended family who love us and who bring us great joy…children and grandchildren who make life interesting, fulfilling and meaningful. We have friends who hold us accountable for walking the Christian life. We have co-workers who support us, encourage us and hold us to a high standard of excellence.  We have faith in Jesus that brings it all together in new life, love and peace with our creator.

Money is amoral. It is neither good nor bad. What we do with it makes the difference. The choices we make in life are very different. It seems the more we give of ourselves, the richer we become.

I heard once of a Love Bank. It is an imaginary box that is filled as we are kind and loving toward others, helping or listening to them. It is reverse of a regular bank. In a depository, the more you put in the richer you become. In the Love Bank, the more yougive away, the richer you become. Of course, this is not popular in our culture.  The philosophy of today is one of ‘give me’ or ‘what are you going to do for me?’ As a whole this is bankrupting our nation both monetarily and spiritually. It threatening our way of life.

It is time people wake up and open their eyes. As we prepare for the hard times ahead, we must learn to share, support and encourage one another. It is not all about me or you. I do not believe in collective salvation…we individually stand before God to account for our lives. Yet, we must have a community of like-minded people who we can count on and who can count on us in the coming days. I encourage you to establish your own Love Bank and find a circle of family or friends who will stand with you in the coming days.

About Donna Benson

Born in the mid-fifties. Married her high school sweet heart Bob young and has enjoyed nearly forty years of love and life together walking with Jesus.clip_image001

Writing has been an on again off again love. ‘My2Cents’ articles for our church website was her first public writing. Writing short stories came next.

‘Flee to the Mountains’ came out of brainstorming with Bob over the state of our country and what could happen. From those discussions, the story was born. They felt it was a great way to get people thinking about what could happen and prepare.

Flee to the Mountains Sanctuary Ranch Series

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