A Time to Write, A Time to Put the Pen Down

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by Staci Stallings

As I get older (just turned 51 last Friday), one thing I’ve come to realize is that there really are seasons in life. Looking back, I see there were seasons of growing up, falling in love, going to school, getting married, having kids, having little kids, having bigger kids, their school, them getting older…

At the time, I was working like crazy to keep the kitchen clean and get to the next activity. Now I have only one kid left “in the nest” although the middle one is back a lot with her fiancé who is living here. They are both going to certificate school—her for massage therapy, him for auto body work.

With my youngest a senior, I took the plunge to teach personal finance at his school—something I always secretly wanted to do but never had the push to do.

What I’m finding, with two books left to write in this series, is that writing for now has taken a backseat to everything else. I keep thinking I’ll get back to it, but so far, that hasn’t happened. Instead, I’m doing lesson plans for my two classes—which are crazy now that it’s practically all online. I’m making slides for each class and posting assignments and writing up materials for my classes (does that count as writing?).

There was a time in my life, I could have told you within 300 pages what each Kindle Unlimited page count was for the month for every single book I have out. Now, I realize I haven’t checked it in a week.

I’m glad to know this is a season because I know writing will still be there when this season comes to an end.  After all, we’ll have three graduations in May and a wedding in June. I’m just trying to hang on here and enjoy every second of this crazy ride.

However, right now, for me is a time to put down the pen—at least for today, maybe for the week or even the month.

But don’t think I’ve forgotten about Taylor and Greg and the gang. They are still hashing things out in my head—just not in print yet.

What seasons has your life gone through, dear reader?  And what is the thing or thing you come back to when all the craziness dies down?

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