A Spiritual God by Sherry Chamblee

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I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. What do we think of when we ask God to ‘take care of us’?

You know, in this world of the physical, we all connect with the physical first, right? We think of physical safety, physical food, physical connections.

So when we ask God to take care of us, to help us, to see us prosper, we’re thinking physically – I’m thinking this is especially true of American Christians, or those in more industrialized nations..

The Bible holds so many promises of God ‘taking care’ of us, helping us, watching over us, not letting harm come to us – letting us prosper. And because we’re so connected with the physical realm around us, we automatically see those promises as applying to our physical realm –

What if it doesn’t?

Right here you’re probably thinking, “Well sure spiritually God cares for us, but I think those promises would apply physically to.”

But why? What if those promises from God are all about our spiritual wellbeing? God is a spirit. He thinks differently than we do. The point of us being a new creature upon salvation is that we learn to think more like God – not cram God into our physical thinking.

Look at the Christians around the world who live with daily suffering. Are we going to claim that their faith is small simply because they have physical traumas? I’m telling you, if we only think of God as caring for us physically, then it is us who have the smaller faith.

When God says He will take care of us, I believe wholeheartedly now that He is referring to spiritually. I don’t mean He will never care for our physical needs, for He does reference them at times, but even in those references it is His attempt to get us to focus on the spiritual, and stop being so obsessed with the physical.

Spiritually how does God care for us?

Salvation…given freely to all who accept Christ as their personal Savior.

Comfort…trials are bearable because of His ‘spiritual’ presence.

Connection…we can commune with Him at any time, over anything.

This is meant to just get us thinking about this – do you have any other ways God cares for us spiritually?

About the Author:

Sherry Chamblee

Sherry grew up in various cities around northern and central California. This gave her all sorts of stories that sat and festered in her brain, waiting to be let loose. She eventually went to college in Wisconsin, where she met her equally frenetic husband, Rich. They have six (yes, count them) children, two dogs and a cat, and currently reside in a madhouse in the southern California area. As a family, they enjoy being active in their local church. Sherry spends her time writing when not caring for Granny, the kids, the dogs, the cat and any number of strays in the neighborhood.

Sherry Chamblee can be found at http://www.sherrychamblee.weebly.com Or check out her books at http://www.amazon.com/Sherry-Chamblee/e/B00BA06RJ2/

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