A Review Revisited: Nowhere to Hide

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by Paula Rose

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Publisher: Harvest House Publishers | Published: March 1, 2015 | Format: eBook (224 pages) and Paperback (224 pages) | ASIN: B00TG0KAAU and ISBN: 9780736917483 | Origin: NetGalley 

Nowhere to Hide 

Cover: Courtesy of Harvest House Publishers 


In NOWHERE TO HIDE, Sigmund Brouwer pens a young-adult thriller that is hard to put down!

From the moment that William Lyon Mackenzie King senses something wasn’t right with Don Mundie, despite the badge he displays, readers will know this ride off McNeil Island is just the beginning of a web of deceit and betrayals. It becomes even clearer to King that his friends, MJ and Blake, have been doing something that Mundie isn’t part of, and the three friends go-rogue, speeding up this thrilling ride.

Soon, King, MJ, and Blake aren’t sure, who to believe, who is involved for good, and who is part of the problem, including one question that haunts him. When is it ever okay to lie?

***This opinion is my own.***


Sigmund Brouwer’s NOWHERE TO HIDE introduces us to cyber bounty hunting, but he demonstrates the long reach and consequences lies do have.

King, MJ, and Blake have parents active in raising them with good values, but these friends want to explore life away from the island. Cyber bounty hunting seems just the way to do it. However, they’ve seen some of the worst of the human condition and are put into a world where lies are careers and threats have realities.

You, along with them, will wonder why they are here and what happens if they get exposed.

In a world where nothing is as it seems, these friends face danger at every turn. Once their parents get involved in the case, danger’s arms entangle more than any of them thought possible, and now all families are a pawn inside the game of lies. 

About the Author:

Paula RoseAuthor Paula Rose brings an “average” family into extraordinary situations, brushes with life-size strokes of reality, adding just a touch of humor, and coats with suspense inside Christian fiction. Paula’s research gives readers a panoramic view from law enforcement and lends to character authenticity. She enjoys writing in the romantic suspense, suspense, and mystery genres, but when she’s not writing, Paula Rose is reading or playing amateur photographer. Member of ACFW. 2015 Genesis Contest judge. NetGalley member. 2014 Grace Awards judge.

Website: http://paularosebooks.com/ Blog: http://www.publishersmarketplace.com/members/booksnreviews/

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