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Gems From Pastor Jim

by Jim Hughes Prov. 14:2 Those who follow the right path fear the LORD; those who take the wrong path despise him. One of the ways a person can know that they are right before God is whether or not they fear Him. Fear is one of the things that characterized people before […]

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Better Days Ahead

by Rebekah Beene Looking through online yearbooks, I found my second grade class. All those smiling faces with names I remember. Except for me. My face was a bit of a frown. I remember the two years I spent at that school. I had left what I considered the best school for one […]

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Unanswered Prayer

by Mary Hamilton Many times, writers find themselves experiencing the very same faith crisis they’re putting their characters through. This was certainly true for me while writing my latest book, Pendant. The main character, Elaine, has given up on God and prayer after many years of seeing no answer to her most fervent request. She […]

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Mac-N-Cheese Casserole Recipe for Thanksgiving

by Lisa M. Prysock Depending on where you live, we are so blessed with the beauty around us this time of year as the leaves change their colors to glorious shades of deep reds, scarlet hues, and rich plums.  The golden yellows and pumpkin-colored, orange leaves add a delightful mix to the fall […]

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Gems from Pastor Jim

by Jim Hughes Prov. 13:10 Pride leads to arguments; those who take advice are wise. Pride is one of the biggest battles we all fight. It is so hard to get rid of and no one can do it perfectly. We have a need to be appreciated by others and it makes us […]

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The Story of Joy and Sorrow

by Lynn Mosher Once upon a time, twin sisters, Joy and Sorrow, lived in the same house with their Father, whose name was Comfort. Joy skipped along her way enjoying every moment, savoring the sights and sounds of her everyday life, as her heart overflowed with praise and thanksgiving to her Father. Sorrow, however, was somewhat […]

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The Sheriff’s Bride ~ Family Feuds

by Patricia PacJac Carroll Come on back in time with me to the little town of Shirleyville located in Solomon’s Valley in Montana, 1883. Take a whiff of the clean fresh air. Gaze at the towering mountains and pines. Delight in the blue skies and lakes.   The Sheriff’s Bride is Book 3 of the Montana […]

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Why Say Me Too?

by Precarious Yates Anyone who has been on social media the last few days has witnessed a movement that gives women the opportunity to voice what happened to them. This “#metoo” phenomenon. For years, women who spoke up about their own molestation, rape or sexual harassment received a black mark on their reputation. […]

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Gems From Pastor Jim

by Jim Hughes Prov. 13:9 The life of the godly is full of light and joy, but the sinner’s light is snuffed out. The life of the godly is full of light. We live in a dark world. No matter where you turn, there is darkness. The ways of the world are anti-God. […]

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How to Avoid the Slush Pile

Editor’s Note: The Following is an article written by Tonya Barbee, a client of Paulette Harper, one of our regular contributors. by Tonya Barbee Do your homework first.  I recommend checking out the most current Guide to Literary Agents that is published yearly.  Don’t move forward without getting a hold of this book. […]

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