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A Review Revisited: Blood of a Stone

by Paula Rose This review appeared on Books-N-Reviews on Publishers Marketplace by Paula Rose Publisher: Tuscany Press, LLC | Published: March 17, 2015 | Format: eBook (392 pages), Paperback (392 pages), and Hardcover (392 pages) | ASIN: B00TKHQ15C, ISBN: 9781936855315, and 9781936855308 | Origin: NetGalley Cover: Courtesy of Tuscany Press Thoughts: Inside Jeanne Lyet Gassman’s Blood of a […]

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Gems From Pastor Jim

by Jim Hughes Prov. 10:19 Don’t talk too much, for it fosters sin. Be sensible and turn off the flow! Some people just like to talk, maybe you are one of them. Some of us have no problem whatsoever finding things to talk about. It amazes me how freely some people talk to […]

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Seeing is More than Believing

by Mary Hamilton Did you know that if you’re deprived of sight when very young, you lose more than your ability to see? A child learns depth perception by reaching for things he sees, crawling, climbing, and yes, falling. For most of us, this happens organically as we grow and our brain develops. […]

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by Sherry Chamblee I hear the phrase, “Well, it’s only natural” so often. I use it myself. We use that word, natural, to explain all sorts of behavior. But thing is, there’s this huge misperception these days about what it means when some action is natural. Being natural does NOT mean it’s excusable. Being natural does NOT mean […]

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Devotional for July 5, 2017

by Mark Malcolm 3  They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, And fought against me without cause. 4  In return for my love they act as my accusers; But I am in prayer. Psalm 109:3-4 (NASB) If you read all of Psalm 109 you get the sense that this is more a request for revenge or retribution […]

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Gems From Pastor Jim

by Jim Hughes Prov. 10:17 People who accept correction are on the pathway to life, but those who ignore it will lead others astray. Let’s face it; all of us need correction. No one is beyond the need to be disciplined and straightened out in our thinking. No one ever lives a faultless […]

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With God or With Your Spouse

by Rebekah Beene Danny and I have had two recurring ideas between us in the last few years. Mine has been that I needed to leave earth before him. The reason being that I just don’t want to be here without him. His idea was always that we would ride off into the […]

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