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Crafting a Great Romance

by Staci Stallings I love romance. I love to watch people fall in love… not lust. Love. And there’s a difference. When people fall in lust, they are attracted to a body–a temporary entity. They expend a lot of energy trying to impress the other person. They might go out on dates, give […]

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Streams In The Desert – August 12 – Meant to be Used

by L. B. Cowman Through these things he has bestowed on us his precious and most magnificent promises, so that by means of what was promised you may become partakers of the divine nature, after escaping the worldly corruption that is produced by evil desire.—2 Pet 1:4 NET When a shipwright builds a […]

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by Ada Brownell Some people probably wonder why I’m still writing. I’m no sleek new creation and I’m a high mileage model. What high mileage means is most of my life when my feet hit the floor in the morning I kept going until night. Sometimes when we had small children or they […]

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Gems From Pastor Jim

by Jim Hughes Ps. 119:29 Keep me from lying to myself, give me the privilege of knowing your law. Reread today’s Scripture. How might we lie to ourselves? One thing we tend to do is to think we are better off spiritually than we really are. We look at others and compare ourselves […]

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What You Practice

by Staci Stallings Here’s a simple yet profound thought: You get good at what you practice. Now maybe you have some natural talent, but even natural talent will only get you so far. LeBron James was talented, but it was practice that made him LeBron James. He didn’t just step onto a court […]

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Law in the Heart

by Charles Haddon Spurgeon The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide. (Psalm 37:31) Put the law into the heart, and the whole man is right. This is where the law should be; for then it lies, like the tables of stone in the ark, in […]

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Joy of what God has me doing in the world for Him

by Mark Malcolm 19 Jesus knew that they wished to question Him, and He said to them, “Are you deliberating together about this, that I said, ‘A little while, and you will not see Me, and again a little while, and you will see Me’? 20 “Truly, truly, I say to you, that […]

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Gems From Pastor Jim

by Jim Hughes Ps. 119:28 I weep with grief, encourage me by your word. I believe it’s pretty safe to say that you know what it is like to weep with grief. It is a human experience we all go through. It might be the loss of a loved one due to death, […]

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You Have a Talent, Use it for the Lord

by Rebekah Beene As a young child my parents’ first inclination I had musical talent came when they heard Rock of Ages emanating from inside the house while they were in the yard. My momma came inside and saw me playing the old pump organ.  We lived way out in the country at […]

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