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Excerpt of “The Other Man” by Parker J. Cole

Everyone loves to read an excerpt so enjoy this from my new book The Other Man, Book 2 of the Sins of the Flesh series. Available now! Leah Westwood loves her husband Jacob with all her heart, even as the smoldering glances of her ex-flame Vincent Miller continue to affect her. What she […]

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The Jesus Seed by Staci Stallings

Here is an interesting concept, but first, we’re going to look at a scenario you’re going to find humorous. A farmer decides that he wants to grow corn. So he goes out into his field, and he makes all the furrows. He waters the field because he’s been told he must do so […]

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CrossReads BookBlast for Cathy Lynn Bryant and Jessica Dorman

Send to Kindle Sarah Anne’s Expedient Marriage By Cathy Lynn Bryant & Jessica M. Dorman About the Book: Knowing he was about to die, Sarah Anne’s beloved father had arranged for her to marry Alexander Swyndhurst II. Alexander, a recent widower, had no intention of taking another wife; but after learning the young woman’s situation—that […]

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Cocoon of Circumstance by Lynn Mosher

Send to Kindle“My troubles turned out all for the best…” (Ps. 119:71 Msg) Where can the most beautiful vistas be viewed? From atop the summit of the tallest mountain, after the most strenuous climb. Which valleys have the richest green velvet pastures and the fullest spikes of wildflower colors? Those that have withstood the greatest […]

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How I went from half empty to Whole over night? by Adrienne King

I once lost focus. I felt like I was ready for a relationship. So, I prayed. I asked God to send me a man. I thought this is it. God will fill my heart desire as soon as I ask of him. Once I get a man God I won’t feel discontent (my […]

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Where Does Faith Come From? by Ada Brownell

Send to Kindle“Faith is trusting what the eye can’t see. Eyes see the prowling lion. Faith sees Daniel’s angel. Eyes see storms. Faith sees Noah’s rainbow. Your eyes see your faults. Your faith sees your Savior. Your eyes see your guilt. Your faith sees His blood.”i The above is Max Lucado’s paraphrase of Hebrews 11:11(NIV): […]

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Gems from Pastor Jim by Jim Hughes

Send to Kindle Ps. 32:6 Therefore, let all the godly confess their rebellion to you while there is time, that they may not drown in the floodwaters of judgment. Here the godly are being singled out. Yes, the godly do sin. What happens when the godly do not confess their sins and die? They will […]

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Let it go… by Sherry Chamblee

Send to Kindle(Ok, I’m sorry, I know now the song is stuck in your head.) But seriously, let’s talk about how often we need to just ‘let it go.’ Someone offends you at church – They don’t answer you when you say hello, just keep walking by, texting on their phone. They didn’t shake your […]

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