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Great Thirst by Mary C. Findley

Send to Kindle This story began life in 2013 as a NaNoWriMo project. Someone challenged me to put together some of the issues we cover in our nonfiction works — History, Science, and Secular Humanism, into a contemporary fiction work. I wanted to make it an archaeological mystery. I also wanted to include public school […]

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When the Supernatural Invades by Tina Webb

I wonder what the average Christian thinks of the word “supernatural”? Student fellowship meetings at my alma mater introduced me to the word. Guest speakers took me beyond the limits of my childhood Sunday morning sermons. Experiencing the power of God daily became a worthy goal. After all, Jesus told us that we […]

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CrossReads Book Blast for Ron Leonard

Send to Kindle Discerning Truth in a World Filled with Lies By Ron Leonard About the Book: Are you tired of being lied to? Not sure you can trust anyone outside your immediate family (and you’re even keeping a close eye on them)? Do you hate it when you discover that you’ve fallen for a […]

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Dealing with Doubt by Suzanne D. Williams

I’ve been listening to the voices in my head, the ones that say, “Why bother? No one cares if you publish. You might as well give up.” Or, “Look at Miss Author over there, she has tons of fans who comment all the time, but yours never say anything. You’re mediocre. No one […]

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Book Spotlight: Weaving Faith into Fiction by Deborah Heal

Weaving Faith into Fiction Once Again: an inspirational novel of history, mystery & romance, is the first in my Rewinding Time Series. It’s about a young woman named Merrideth Randall, whose day job is teaching history at a small college. In her after hours, she turns to her first love, historical research. She […]

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Has Anyone Read the Bible? A Series of Thoughts About Saints and Taboo Subjects by Parker J. Cole

In my post last month, I discussed and fielded responses to critics of my work who say my books were pseudo-Christian. From that came an idea to share my opinions on saints and how un-Christ-like they may be when it comes to ‘taboo’ subjects. Let’s get some definitions going before I expound on […]

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Gems from Pastor Jim by Jim Hughes

Send to Kindle Ps. 32:1-2 Oh, what joy for those whose rebellion is forgiven, whose sin is put out of sight. Yes, what joy for those whose record the LORD has cleared of sin, whose lives are lived in complete honesty! Feast on the riches of God’s grace and rejoice! God forgives those who rebel […]

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When God Seasons By Lorieen D. Henry

Being a writer, I am always putting my thoughts down. It would be wonderful if I could sit and pump out 2000-5000 words at a time. I am speaking of meaningful/inspiring words on the same subject. (LOL) Anyway, this bothers me because I know God has given me stuff to share. So lately […]

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A Love That Will Not Let Me Go by Lynn Mosher

On the evening of his sister’s wedding, George Matheson sat alone in the parsonage. Totally blind by the age of 20, this Scottish preacher, author, and hymn writer, who lived from 1842 to 1906, was left to fend for himself, while the rest of his family spent the night in another town. Born […]

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The Greatest Thing in the World By Ada Brownell

Henry Drummond took a New Testament from his hip picket at an 1881 party among country friends in England. As Drummond began to speak on the greatest thing in the world, Evangelist Dwight L. Moody decided he’d never heard anything so beautiful. Moody decided he wouldn’t rest until Drummond’s book, The Greatest Thing […]

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