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My Tear-Stained Shoulder by Tina Webb

My Tear-Stained Shoulder by Tina Webb Not long ago I sat on her couch, my arm around her shoulder, as she wept. The longing for marriage never left her. It only succumbed to temporary band-aids of divine longsuffering. My shoulder had been drenched with her tears many, many times. This time was no […]

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Uncle Vanyas Bread Balls by Mary Campagna Findley

Send to Kindle Warning: Don’t forget Uncle Vanya’s cast-iron rolling pin is always ready for those disrespectful of his recipe. Make sweet roll dough as follows: 1/2 cup warm water 2 (1/4 ounce) packages active dry yeast (Uncle Vanya uses cake yeast. Don’t tell him if you use dry packets) 1 1/2 cups milk, lukewarm […]

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What Did Mary Know? By R. M. Strong

Well, it’s Advent time again, and that means Christmas music. Our local Christian radio station, The Fish, has transformed to the area’s only place for 24/7 Christmas Music. This year, though, it seems that there are many new and different versions of each song, one in particular. Like a lot of people, the […]

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Immanuel…God with us

By Lynn Mosher The Advent season is upon us once again. It comes more quickly each year. I know, I’m just getting old! Since we’ll soon hear the amazing story of Jesus’ birth being told from the pulpit, I thought we’d take a look at two words from the account: Jesus and Bethlehem. […]

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Shared Legacy

On December 2, 1909, twin boys were born on the prairie of South Dakota, in a sod house. When introduced to their two-year old-sister, she had little to say. When she was introduced to the first baby she said, “Babe.” When the second boy was brought to her she said, “More.” The proud […]

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By June Foster Whether we’re beginning writers or multi-published, we all get discouraged. Sometimes it’s tempting to say, “I quit.” But, I hope this post offers a bit of insight and hope. When I read passages from the Bible, I can’t help but relate them to the task of writing. This morning Psalm […]

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CrossReads Book Blast, You’re Strong Enough

Send to Kindle You’re Strong Enough By Kassi L. Pontious About the Book You’re Strong Enough takes readers on a quest to discover who they are, why they are here, where they came from, and what their ultimate goal is. Christian writer, Kassi Pontious, shares personal experiences aimed at teaching young people that each of […]

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Send to Kindle By Ada Nicholson Brownell Can you imagine the chaos if identification on newborns in large hospitals disappeared? “Whose baby is this?” nurses would say over and over as an expert checked tiny footprints. “What Child is this?” often is asked near Christmas. William Chatterton Dix, struck with a near-fatal illness at age […]

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