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Dog Tags

By Heidi Glick When disabled ex-Marine Mark Graham reconnects with his best friend’s sister, he finds himself falling in love. But Beth Martindale’s presence is a constant reminder of events he’d rather forget. Mark wants to move forward, but the secrets surrounding her brother’s death as well as his own confinement to a […]

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Reliving the Days of our Youth

By Suzanne D Williams Set aside your adult mindset for a moment and return with me to the days of your youth, to that time of life when all the little trivial things mattered – that your friends might see you wearing that awful shirt your grandmother bought you, that your hair has […]

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Authors Share Their Funniest Stories

By Beverly Nault Ever wonder what it’s like backstage in an author’s “workshop?” Inside their brain…and if anything ever went a little off the rails? Me too! So I recently had some fun asking a few of my author friends two questions, and got some really interesting and amusing answers. (We had such […]

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GNFA’s Memorial Day Sales

Looking for some good reads this weekend. GNFA has 5 Books from our GNFA Authors to recommend to you. Happy Reading! The Road Home  $2.99 Season’s Greeting from Amelia $0.99 Missing $0.99 Love & Redemption $0.99 The Fall $2.99

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Why Do I Talk About Sex?

By Chana Keefer The following is something I wrote to share with high school students when speaking about sexual responsibility and STD prevention with the ATeam (Abstinence Through Education and Mentoring) at local high schools. Several times when I have shared this, the students have applauded. ******** Why do I do this? Is […]

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Obsessed With Our Desires

By Joana James We all have desires for our lives; things that we want, things that we want to do, things that we want to be. Sometimes, these desires overcome us or overwhelm us. It’s quite possible to develop tunnel vision where these are concerned. Maybe, as you get older, you realize that […]

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Book Blast: Every Hill and Mountain by Deborah Heal 5/21/13 -$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Send to Kindle Title:Every Hill and Mountain (Time and Again) (Volume 3) By Deborah Heal About the Book: Every Hill and Mountain Visiting another century…not the summer vacation she had planned. Those who have read Time and Again and Unclaimed Legacy know that Abby Thomas is a college student on a summer service project with […]

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Let Go

By Staci Stallings Although there are a lot of careers in this life that could teach someone to let go, I think that writing has to be near the top of that list. Maybe that’s because I write, or maybe that’s because it really is. Whatever the case, this understanding was made clear […]

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God’s Great Romance

By Steve Biddison   Many nights as I sat at my computer writing on my recently released Christian Romance novel, Desires of the Heart, I found myself reminded of the greatest romance of all – God’s love for us. That love began to find itself intertwined in the lives of the two main […]

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Book Blast: Wacky Wishes by Susette Williams, Illustrated by Jack Foster – Enter to Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Send to Kindle Title: Wacky Wishes By Susette Williams Author, Jack Foster Illustrator About the Book: Tommy and Suzie find a wishing well and like children do, they begin making wishes. Imagine their surprise when their wishes start to come true! Are spacesuits the new dress code at school? What�s Tommy going to do with […]

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