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The Call

It’s funny how some things you can hear your whole life and not understand them at all. For example, I’ve heard the terms disciple and apostle since before I was old enough to even comprehend them. In Sunday School, they would talk about the apostles and the disciples, and to me, the two […]

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By Henry Martin Authors, writers, creators are we. Living in this time-set, 2013; the here and now. We have found one another in the dimensions of the internet referred to as Social Media. We are as varied as the stars, but yet in one accord as Facebook friends and tweeting birds (that’s very pinteresting). We […]

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The Best Thing About Being a Writer

By Rikki Strong The Best Thing About Being a Writer Just about 18 months ago, I attended the Idaho Book Extravaganza. Mom got me entrance to the conference as an early Christmas present. There were seminars on epublishing, on indie vs. traditional, finding the right agent, how to use social media, and many […]

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