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By Lillian Duncan There’s more to life than romance. An odd statement coming from someone who writes romantic suspense novels, but the truth is the truth. We can’t survive on romance alone. We all need connection with other people in all sorts of different relationships—not just romantic relationships. BETRAYED, the second in my […]

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A Well-crafted Blurb

By Suzanne D. Williams The first two things a reader sees that causes them to buy your book are the cover and the blurb. I know I have downloaded books because of the cover and in the same vein, I have also downloaded books with bad covers that had a great blurb. There […]

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Day Plan Your Gift

By Laura J. Marshall It was approaching mid-January when I realized some of my writing goals for the New Year had already taken a backseat to the busyness of life.  I tried to focus and regain my footing, again trying to stick to the 2-hour time block I had allotted.  The time seemed […]

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Coaxed Back to Life

By Lynn Mosher Spring always makes me think of my dad. I was thinking about him the other day. Nostalgia set in. Thinking how he would have thoroughly enjoyed his three great-granddaughters. My heart ached that they never got to know him. I thought how much fun they would have had in his […]

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By Tracy Ruckman Marketing is one of the most challenging tasks in a writer’s career. Most writers tend to be reclusive, introverted souls who come out of their shells only to promote their books – longing every passing second to retreat to their private, solitary worlds again. My job as publisher is to […]

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Living Large inside a Book

By Barbara Sutton Brink When I first started reading Christian fiction, back in the dark ages before Al Gore invented the Internet, there wasn’t much to pick from. The romance novels were all the same. A poor Christian girl trying to make it in a cold, hard world, until the rich, but worldly […]

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My Journey with Loopiethotamus- Pursuing Your Dreams

by Ayana Sala Baugh God created Loopiethotamus for me back in July 2006 when my life was turned upside down. I was blinded by unspeakable fear and filled with so much anxiety and inner turmoil. At the time, I didn’t know God had given this gift to me because, for one, I didn’t […]

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Dream Come True!

By Jill Elizabeth Nelson “If God can bring an awesome dream to pass for this nobody-in-particular from nowhere special, He can do the same for you.” This is what I tell people at my speaking engagements. In fact, I autograph my debut novel, Reluctant Burglar, with the following words: Let your dreams soar! […]

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God Is Love

By Deborah H. Bateman Love One Another Lesson 6 John 15:12-27 In this Scripture, Jesus is talking to His disciples; this is right before He went to be crucified. Jesus tells them, “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.” He didn’t tell them to love each […]

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The Emmaus Heartburn

By Lynn Mosher They want to leave it all behind; take the road out of it all. So, the two men depart from the hills of Jerusalem to get away from all the reminders of a heartrending crucifixion on the hill of Golgotha. Just as the road slopes down from Jerusalem, so their […]

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