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Designer Religion

By Mary Findley Religious liberalism probably finds its roots in Thomas Jefferson. He accepted moral teaching from the Bible but denied the supernatural. The very similar classic Unitarian Universalist position led to Higher Criticism, a denial of the Bible’s historical accuracy and spiritual authority. This gave rise to Charles Augustus Briggs, who openly […]

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On Writing the Angsty Teenager

For writers, it’s much more difficult to write (well, at least) something he or she knows very little to nothing about than it is to write something he or she knows very well. If, say, a writer has never owned a cat, the collection of original humorous stories he writes about the funny […]

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I can’t buy it if I don’t know about it

I recently purchased a Nook Color because I wanted to compare it with my Kindle Fire.  As I started exploring the Nook store, I discovered that it is incredibly difficult to find my books.  Browsing for books in a narrow genre (such as Christian Fiction) is really difficult. After an hour of trying […]

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New Beginnings

By Naty Matos As the Grace & Faith 4U blog has been in hiatus since June, I felt the best way to re-launch it would be talking about new beginnings. In life we have those all the time. New chapters that open at certain places of our life journey that provides us with […]

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