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Meet Steve Biddison

I’m please to welcome Steve Biddison to the spotlight today.  Steve is a great guy with a big heart.  Welcome, Steve…. We’d love to know a little about who you are when you’re not writing. Although writing has been my dream since middle school, my career has mostly been defined as a basketball […]

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Praise God in Advance!

by: Joana Melisia James  Our praise is one of the most powerful weapons that we as Christians have. There are many things that we can accomplish through our praise that we could never accomplish one our own. But what is praise really? Praise is the act of expressing approval or admiration. It is […]

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Review of Karen Baney’s Nickels

Nickels by Karen Baney c. 2011 Contemporary Romance ISBN: 9780983548669 Ebook Review by:  Lisa Lickel For a girl who powers heedlessly through life, striving after things of this world, blaming God for bad things that happened, scarred by parental bitterness and determined not to date or have a relationship like her parents’, Nicole […]

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Welcome… Precarious Yates!

We welcome to Grace & Faith a young woman with a big heart… Precarious Yates! Hi there.  First off, we’d love to hear some about who you are when you aren’t writing. First thing you should know is this: I am absolutely wild about the fact that Jesus loves me. My greatest passion […]

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Praise is the Devil’s Death-Knell

Send to Kindle by: Lynn Mosher Today, I share with you a portion of something the Lord spoke to me some years ago. As always, His words changed me. From His heart to yours… “Every time you have an intense trial or you wonder where I am, you must learn to quickly realize that the […]

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A Review of “Goodbye Noel”

GOODBYE NOEL by Nike Chillemi Reviewed by Lillian Duncan Before you read what I have to say about GOODBYE NOEL, you should know that historical fiction is not my favorite genre and World War II and the post war era are among my least favorite. Sorry, Nike. The truth is the truth. Having […]

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Interview with Cathy West

Today I’m pleased to welcome Cathy West! Welcome, Cathy…   Tell us a bit about yourself beyond who you are as a writer. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Bermuda, where I still live. Being a small island, it tends to get a little too small after a while, […]

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Ever Faithful

by: Staci Stallings For many years of my life, I wanted to be successful.  I put a lot of effort into that endeavor.  I worked and worked and worked.  If I joined an organization, I had to be president because I wanted the organization to be successful and I wanted to be seen […]

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Arson. A Review by R.M. Strong

Arson by Estevan Vega (published May, 2011, by StoneGate Ink) is the story of Arson Gable, the typical, normal teenage boy with a few notable exceptions: he can control fire with his mind and he has been told all of his life that he killed his own mother. Arson is “cared for” by […]

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Interview with Penny Zeller

Today I’m pleased to welcome my friend, Penny Zeller.  What a beautiful heart this lady has! Welcome, Penny! First, tell us a bit about yourself beyond who you are as a writer.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be your guest! I am honored to be here today. I am a […]

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