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by: Lillian Duncan (Proverbs 18:21, NIV)  Psalm 69: 30 I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. Today, we learned my husband is having a triple bypass this week. Not something we expected—at all and certainly not something we wanted. Now, we are faced with choices, lots of them. […]

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Sweet Read with Lots of Lessons: Hailee by Penny Zeller

Review by:  Staci Stallings Hailee by: Penny Zeller We’ve all made mistakes. I suppose we should recognize that, but sometimes jealousy and arrogance just plain blur our vision. We begin to think we have the right and the duty to judge others, to put them in their place, and to announce their transgressions […]

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G&F Welcomes Fearless Author, Suzanne Williams

Today I’d like you to meet a lovely woman who has overcome many challenges thanks to God’s help.  Suzanne Williams now runs the Fearless group on FB, helping others to overcome fear issues and live again. Welcome, Suzanne.  Thanks for joining us! We’d love to know a little about you.  Who is Suzanne […]

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Please Don’t Faint!

By Ada Brownell Clara has always been a fainter. She passes out at the sight of blood. Once she fainted when she bumped her head on a door. Due to her habit of fainting, Clara is not much help in emergencies. When she was a teenager, she worked for her Uncle Matt and […]

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The Huguenot Sword: A Review

Reviewed By: Mary C. Findley The Huguenot Sword by: Shawn Lamb I am interested in church history, especially regarding Protestants, and as soon as I saw this book I wanted to read it. I got the Amazon Kindle version on a 99 cent Cyber Monday sale after a heads-up from the author on […]

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Karen Baney Stops by G&F

Word has it that Karen Baney was bringing Carmel Kukamungas today.  For those who don’t know, Karen’s favorite drink is some kind of iced, caramel latte that those of us not into coffee can’t pronounce.  So our own Matt Patterson christened them Caramel Kukamungas!  Trust me, Karen is always good for a few […]

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Where Wildflowers Bloom

Review by Ada Brownell By Ann Shorey You’d think by the title that this book would be an easy-read romance, but you’ll be surprised at the mayhem that can surround a mercantile and the young lady who manages the store for her ailing grandfather. In the first place Faith Lindberg doesn’t want to […]

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Romance Week is here!

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Interview with G&F Author Sarah Witenhafer

Today is it my honor and privilege to introduce you to Sarah Witenhafer.  Sarah’s wit and charm are contagious, and she has a beautiful, bright, fun-loving spirit.  Please welcome, my friend… Sarah Witenhafter! At the risk of where this could go, tell us about yourself, Sarah. I’m 47. Somedays it’s hard to get […]

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Considerable Comeback

by: Melanie Bonita I have heard people say that in life; sometimes they feel like they are going backward instead of forward. During a challenging season, that feeling can be even more magnified. They feel like they should be a lot further along than they are in life. Remember that it is only […]

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