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Are You Putting God in a Cage?

Send to Kindle“Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you.” (James 4:8 NLT)  By:  Lillian Duncan Friends told me this story of a rescued dog.  The dog’s owners decided to use crate training to housebreak their young puppy.  Crate training encourages the puppy to wait to potty until they’re taken outside. Puppies […]

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Express Yourself… On Twitter!

By: Wendy Young So you’re on Twitter. If you’re like me, you barely get a greeting out in 140 characters, much less a coherent thought. The limits can be daunting, and that’s not all – how do you get yourself heard (and repeated) in all that noise? Let’s look at a few simple […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you all a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving. May we all give thanks this weekend to our God Who has given us so many blessings.  May we recognize those things and allow them to overflow from our lives onto the lives of others in our country and our world. Happy Thanksgiving from […]

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Important Messages

The sheep hear his voice. I am the good shepherd. –John:10:3,11 By:  Ada Brownell My husband, Les, stood beside the railroad tracks holding a long “Y” stick high while a speeding train thundered toward him, quaking the ground and flapping his clothes. The engineer stretched his arm out the engine window and stuck […]

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Blog Party TODAY ONLY!

Don’t miss the first-ever GraceAndFaith4U Blog Party! “Faith, Fun, & Food” today only…

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As the Turkey is Basting…

Since this time of the year is more about family and fun, here is something to give you writers a few giggles! Submitted By:  Peggy Blann Phifer Was’s and commas and adverbs . . . Oh, my! Doing my final edits on my debut novel, I’ve become quite conscious of grammar usage, the […]

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Meet Our Grace & Faith Author: Dana Pratola

Today I want to welcome Grace & Faith Author, Dana Pratola who says in her bio:  The Lord is my Savior, writing is my passion and publishing inspirational books that show the grace of God is my ministry. I love that!  Welcome, Dana, please tell us a little about yourself beyond the writer. […]

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Lessons from a Sage Grouse

By:  Penny Zeller On my way home not long ago, I noticed several sage grouse in a neighbor’s yard. I pulled over to the curb so I could take in the amazing site. I never miss an opportunity to watch one of my favorite of all God’s animals – birds. Most of the sage […]

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By:  Staci Stallings Have you ever tried to move a wagon with two people pushing in opposite directions, or pulling in opposite directions?  What happens?  It doesn’t move, right.  Or maybe worse, it tips over. In marketing the same is true.  If all you’re doing is pushing or all you’re doing is pulling, […]

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