It’s Broken…But God

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by Rebekah Beene

Funny but this morning I remember a time when one of my favorite vases was broken by one of my children. I was heart broken. Now I can say that I wish that was the most heart breaking thing I’ve ever endured. But we all know about broken hearts. Each of us has our own endurance and have overcome much. Your broken heart and mine might look different but broken is broken.

Oh beloved, you would love to be able to just pick up the pieces and put your broken heart back together again. But God wants you to know this morning that He will do that for you. It may never look like it once did, but with His hand of grace and mercy on any situation, you will know that He has touched your heart and given you fresh hope and a renewed desire to endure the breaking of your heart.

God also wants you to know that He will change the outcome one day. He hears your prayers, He sees your needs and He is partnering with you by Holy Spirit to renew, restore and refresh broken promises, broken relationships and broken dreams. It’s not time to give up, beloved, it’s time to hold on, for your Help comes from the Lord!

God loves you and He’s for you. Even in the 11th hour of your life, God is on time. Run to Him this morning, ask for a fresh infilling of Holy Spirit and an infusion of faith for your waiting. Hand Him your broken places and rejoice in your trust in Him. And live, beloved, in the Light of His restoration power for you.

Isaiah 61:7 Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.

Psalm 51:12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

About the Author:

Rebekah Beene

In a Christian Women’s meeting in 1983, Rebekah was given a prophetic message that she would write books. Several years ago she began writing stories about special holiday memories and travels, sharing God’s love and care through each story. God has gifted Rebekah with the ability to look at the natural and see the supernatural. Both Rebekah and her husband Danny have a heart to share the Gospel and the riches of life in Christ to everyone they meet. They have served in the local church and in ministry to motorcyclists. Danny is an ordained minister and they both have been Bible study teachers for many years. Rebekah also speaks at women’s retreats and conferences. Her tag line says it all “God loves you and He’s for you”.

My website is

My first book in print is Oh Beloved! Live in the Light of His Word.
Link to buying the book via paypal is on the website.
As well a link to purchasing the ebook on Amazon is there too.
I’m also on twitter @rebekahbeene, tumblr
and of course facebook as Rebekah Beene (Warren) I included my maiden name for old friends.
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Verse of the Day and Devotion 6/7/2019

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by Bible League International

Verse of the Day and Devotion

Christ must rule until God puts all enemies under his control.  – I Corinthians 15:25 ERV


The Lord God rules and reigns over His Kingdom. Jesus Christ, so the Bible tells us, is presently seated at His right side. (Psalm 110:1; Mark 16:19) From this position of authority, Jesus rules and reigns as well. Indeed, He rules, reigns, and directs the war against all the enemies within the Kingdom. The Lord God says to Him, “If you ask, I will give you the nations. Everyone on earth will be yours. You will rule over them with great power. You will scatter your enemies like broken pieces of pottery.” (Psalm 2:8-9)

The war against the Kingdom’s enemies has been going on ever since Jesus ascended into Heaven and was seated at the Lord God’s right side. Who are the enemies specifically? The enemies are all those who are under the direction and control of Satan and his minions (Ephesians 6:12) and who rebel against the rule and reign of the Lord God and Jesus as a result. ‘”Why are the nations so angry? Why are the people making such foolish plans? Their kings and leaders join together to fight against the Lord and his chosen king. They say, “Let’s rebel against them. Let’s break free from them.”‘ (Psalm 2:1-3)

How long will this war go on? It will go on, as our verse for today says, until all the enemies are under Jesus’ control. Day by day, more and more, Jesus is taking control of the enemies. True, there have been set backs in the nearly two thousand years since He began to rule and reign. Nevertheless, the general trajectory of His fighting and warring has been victorious. The Church of Jesus Christ has been spreading over all the world and Satan’s rebellious regime of darkness has been beaten back. True, Satan will mount one last major rebellion against the Kingdom and the Church, but he will fail. He will fail, never to rise again. (Revelation 20:7-10)

If you are a Christian, then you are a participant in putting all the enemies of the Kingdom under Jesus Christ’s control. You are, like the well-known song says, a “Christian soldier.” Most of the time, of course, the battles are not actual military battles. Most of the time, the battles are relatively peaceful transitions away from the control that the regime of darkness has been illegally exercising in the various areas of the Kingdom.

However, even if the transitions are peaceful, you are a soldier and you must be ready to fight at any time.

Til the Whole World Know

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CrossReads Book Spotlight : 10 Investment Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Christian

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

10 Investment Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Christian

How to Clear Your Debts and Payoff Your Mortgage in 5 years

by Samantha Smith

10 Investment Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Christian

Do you know as a Christian, you are called to be a good ADMINISTRATOR over money and wealth with which God has provided for you?

As a Christian, one of the mistakes you can make is to invest your hard earned money wrongly. Yes, It is great to make money and invest, but most importantly, you must never make investment mistakes that will ruin your financial status.

As a child of God who is constantly guided by the Holy Spirit, you should be wise enough to do or get things right when it comes to investing your hard earned money. 

Have YOU Ever thought of strategies you need to remain FINANCIALLY BUOYANT, and free from debts for a lifetime? When you can embrace working strategies; make difficult things simple, you will always make PROFITABLE decisions that will secure your FUTURE!

Proverbs 6:6-8 says, Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones. Learn from their ways and become wise! Though they have no prince or governor or ruler to make them work, they labor hard all summer, gathering food for the winter. New Living Translation (NLT)

When I was six, my friend Betty and I thought it would be entertaining to see what it means to play football outside the house. We started playing, and before we knew it, the ball fell inside a well. I was stunned and was like; if we don’t get this ball, my mother will be mad at me. I said, Betty, get the ball inside the well…I resolved by saying, “You can do it!

Before I had an opportunity to say any other word, Betty went flying inside the well, and before we knew it, she was drowning! I screamed at the top of my voice. Someone help me, PLEASE…. My friend is drowning! Luckily for me, an older friend was passing by… Immediately, he pulled off his shoes and stretched his hand. I don’t know what he did, but all I remember was that my older friend saved Betty. “Oops,” I said, giggling at my friend, who was slammed against the opposite wall. The Holy Spirit at work. “Was that cool?”

Poor little Betty looked at me with a bemused grin, and then she burst into tears. I can’t recollect what unfinished story we ultimately invented to cover up what we’d done, but I do remember precisely the experience taught me two significant things.

The first was, “ never jump inside a well you don’t know how deep it is.” The second was that while it’s necessary to learn from your own mistakes, it’s a better idea and a much safer one to learn from other people.

I recall all this because both these lessons are essential when you’re trying to decide how to invest. The truth is, when it comes to genuine investment, many of us act like four-year-olds jumping inside a well. 🙁 That is, we test ignorantly, and invariably making some terrible mistake that sends us rolling across the room in financial shock.

Throughout this Book, we’re going to focus on what I consider to be the ten most “demoralizing” mistakes that Christian investors should never make. I hope that as a result of analyzing other people’s mistakes, you’ll be able to avoid the unpleasant and expensive experience of having to make a mistake that will ruin YOU!

Furthermore, I will be talking more on paying off your mortgage. Forget all these crap stories you hear around. I will practically be telling you how to pay off your mortgage in less than 30 years. I will be exposing the working method that I guarantee will make you happy for a lifetime. Let me be frank with you, without discipline, nothing worthwhile is achievable.

Who told you; you can’t complete the paying off of your mortgage in 5-20 years? I will be giving you some practical strategy of paying it off in 5-20 years and rolling when on your bed at night.



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CrossReads Short Takes: WWHW, Why, What, How-To, What-If & Rich Mom – Poor Mom

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CrossReads Short Takes

WWHW, Why, What, How-To, What-If

Easily Create a Book, Podcast, or

Online Course In Just a Few Easy-to-Follow Steps

by Robert Plank

WWHW Why What How-To, What-If

Do you hate writing and wish it was easier? Would podcasting, blogging, course creation, video creation, and presenting be even slightly easier if you had a step by step system to follow?

That’s why Robert Plank has created, just for you, WWHW, Why, What, How-To, What-If: Easily Create a Book, Podcast, or Online Course In Just a Few Easy-to-Follow Steps. In this concise but action-filled guide, you’ll discover:

– how to narrow down your life purpose in order to pursue your content creation and professional goals

– how to make better decisions and take more action (get more writing done every single day)

– the easy way to have fun when blogging or assembling books by helping others and following a template

– how to not only craft a message that appeals to different personality types, but position it in such a way that people read, watch, or listen until the very end

– how to avoid the usual pitfalls speakers and writers fall into when delivering information

– the exact thought process and blueprint I use to create a podcast episode in 5 minutes and a book in 24 hours (step by step instructions)

“WWHW” is a book created specifically for people who are tired of waiting for motivation to strike, who realize that willpower is unreliable and simply want to take action and get results with their writing and speaking. Claim your copy of Robert Plank’s “WWHW, Why, What, How-To, What-If: Easily Create a Book, Podcast, or Online Course In Just a Few Easy-to-Follow Steps” book today!





Rich Mom – Poor Mom

How I made money?

by A Arter

Rich Mom - Poor Mom

This is a very controversial, brief simple book without long boring introductions, reveals to you how rich people keep you poor, exposing to you why money gurus never show you real ways to get rich. It also teaches you real tried methods to get our of poor – average person life. It shows you real methods rich people use to stay rich. How the author as well has changed his life from barely able to pay bills to a financially free person.

If you want to learn how to trade stocks properly without gambling or if you have tried many ways to get rich whether it is trading stocks, being an affiliate to some company or even other trials. This books is for you, it gives you the bottom line so you don’t keep searching more for “How can I make money” stuff online again. It will work as well on developing your thinking and the way you see life.


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Gems From Pastor Jim 6/4/2019

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by Jim Hughes

crossIs. 40:25-26 “To whom will you compare me? Who is my equal?” asks the Holy One. Look up into the heavens. Who created all the stars? He brings them out one after another, calling each by its name. And he counts them to see that none are lost or have strayed away.

Isaiah is writing to those who believe there is God. They have a somewhat good understanding that God can be known on a personal basis. They believe in God as the Creator of all things. He then challenges them to consider the magnitude of God. Is there anyone, or anything, that can come close to the greatness of God? Think about it for a moment.

God created all the stars of heaven. If not God, then where did they come from, a random occurrence in nature billions of years ago? Hardly. It stretches the limits of imagination to try and explain the universe without God as the source of it all. God created the stars, but not just the stars; He created all that exists. To comprehend such intelligence and power is beyond anyone’s ability to comprehend. Compare what man is capable of doing with what God has done and we are overwhelmed and driven to our knees in worship.

Not only has God created what we see, He has each star numbered and named. He knows exactly how long they have been and how long they shall be. God gives each star a lifespan, just like He does us. Each star has a specific reason for being and when it no longer is needed, it dies out. Think about it. We know that there are billions of stars in the universe. God knows each one and has personally identified each one. We will never be able to know the whys of their existence. All we can do is bow in awe before God who created them and holds them in their place for as long as they are needed.

Do you think that God is limited and cannot help you with whatever you face in life? Is God limited and unable to handle the spiritual needs of billions of people at the same time? Is there anything that is beyond God’s ability to handle? Of course not. It is utter foolishness to deny that God can help you with whatever you face in life. His abilities are incomprehensible, but very real. He is actively at work in all who will let Him.

Before and After the Honeymoon

About the Author:

Jim Hughes

Spending his formative years in Ft. Wayne, IN, Jim followed the love of his life to southeast Iowa where they married and have spent the majority of their lives. Jim has pastored several churches throughout his life and has worked many years in local factories to help support his family. The father of two married adult children and one son still at home, Jim is a first-time author.

C Through Marriage came into being through many years of pastoral and life experiences. The book first took on a life of its own over 20 years ago when I sought to address the much publicized moral failures of prominent leaders in the church. In the chapter on Chasity, I include the guideliness that I developed then to protect one’s self from such failures.

I am a firm believer in order to make sense out of life you have to use much common sense. We need to get back to the basics of what has worked for many, many generations. If is isn’t broke, why try to fix it? I strive to return to the basics of what really works in all my writings.

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CrossReads Weekly Devotionals: False Evidence Appearing Real 6/3/2019

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by Precarious Yates

The older I get, the more I realize how much fear has ruined my life. Most of the worst things that have happened in my life often find their root motive in someone else’s fear, and more often my own fear. 

Why did I let that boy hurt me when I was a little girl? Because I was afraid he would reject me. And why didn’t I tell anyone about what he did? Because I was afraid he would go to jail.

And why didn’t I befriend that girl? I was afraid she’d reject me. And why did she reject me? Because my fear pushed her away. In other words, I rejected her first. 

Fear has ruined far more. When I finally met the little girl I was going to adopt, I walked on eggshells and parented from a place of fear: fear that she would be taken from me. I don’t think she even had a scraped knee until she was 4. And she hated it. 

A few weeks ago, she asked me how I messed up as a parent. It wasn’t one of those deep, loving conversations where we shared heart to heart. No, this was while my tween screamed angrily in my face. On one hand, I hope you have never been through that. On the other hand, I hope I’m not the only person who experiences that. My response to her was that I have no regrets as a parent, but if I could go back and change anything, it would be that I wouldn’t have held onto so much fear. 

The argument can be made that those fears were legitimate. When I met my daughter, it was just a few months after my 4th miscarriage. Fear was having a field day with me. 

But with hindsight, I see all that false evidence that had appeared so real. It was hard to constantly remind myself that Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. It was hard to remember on my own that God is the God of the living, and that He gives life far beyond what we can imagine. 

So many times, I gave into fear. Over and over, I gave into fear. I cried UNCLE over more mirages than I care to admit. 

But God is more gracious than we can fathom. He has been walking me out of fear and into trust. My circumstances are tougher than before, but God has faithfully shown up. Like the time I got on my knees and begged Him to help me show kindness in the face of some rather extreme unkindness, He showed up by lavishing love through me when I previously plotted revenge. His grace has overflowed, cascading over all the times I clung to my PTSD. 

Fear is a liar, but Jesus is the Truth, the Life, and the most awesome Way to bold fearlessness. He conquered fear at the cross, and will continue to conquer fear in and through us. That gripping terror that’s been a secret for far too long, not only will we trample it in our own lives, but we will help eradicate such fear in the lives of others. Because He has appointed us to be more than conquerors!

God bless you!

Precarious Yates

About the Author:

Precarious YatesPrecarious Yates has lived in 8 different states of the Union and 3 different countries, but currently lives in Texas with her husband, her daughter and their big dogs. When she’s not writing, she enjoys music, teaching, playing on jungle gyms, praying and reading. She holds a Masters in the art of making tea and coffee and a PhD in Slinky® disentangling.


Facebook Amazon Author Page

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Dealing With All The Junk

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by Suzanne D. Williams

I read a piece of writing advice that has been helpful to me. The writer gave instruction on how to introduce backstory and avoid the dreaded info-dump. In case, you aren’t familiar with this term, an info-dump is exactly what the name suggests—barraging the reader with too much information, or set-up, at once. Suddenly, they don’t know who’s who or what’s happening because you’ve thrown it all at them in one huge lump.

This happens the most in the early chapters. Picture an upside-down pyramid. Chapter 1 oozes with backstory, who he is, where he’s been, how he grew up. But as the story progresses, there’s less and less to tell and the final chapters seem kind of thin. After all, you’ve said it all already. It’s better to be consistent in structure, to create a rectangle or, at least, an oval with the book climax padding things more in the middle.

Some writing advice says it this way. “Filter the details in.” This is what I’m trying to achieve, but what I missed wasin order to filter them in, I must leave them out everywhere else. Plus, HOW I introduce them matters immensely.

As an example:  Perhaps, your character is a princess from a fairytale kingdom, but she has found herself translated into modern New York City. How do you let readers know who she is and all that’s happened to her without paragraphs of endless description?

From a personal writing perspective, most of this problem comes about because I write from the seat-of-my-pants. I often don’t know who she is or what has happened to her until I need an explanation for her behavior. That doesn’t stop me from saying too much and sometimes giving things away.

Circling back to the writing tip, the suggestion the writer made was to not write backstory at all. Leave it out entirely.

“But,” you ask, “how does that help?”

Our example:  Our princess is walking the street, lost, and stumbles into our main male characterInstead of saying, “she felt” (which is telling anyway) horrified, or embarrassed or thrilled, whatever her reaction is, make her response an action. Have her step backward and lift her hands, putting distance between them, for instance. This gives the idea she’s been sheltered somehow and leaves a bit of mystery to figure out.

Perhaps, in a later scene, she has to dress and bathe herself and has no idea how, rather writing than some long-drawn-out commentary on medieval clothing verses modern dress that would frankly bore me to tears, have her fumble with the buttons, maybe fasten things wrong, or get frustrated trying to turn on the water. This way you’ve made it an action again and the readers can draw their own conclusions.

You can also leak in information using dialogue. She would use terms foreign to those around her, ask for servants and not understand why they don’t arrive, or maybe speak to a mental image of her mother at times. It should be subtle and natural to the dialogue and not sound to the reader like, “Oh yeah, let me stick this in here.”

I’ve found by adopting this method the story has a much stronger plot, and I avoid telling sentences almost entirely. (She felt. She knew. She recognized. She saw.)

Applying this idea to my current WIP, I have a man who appears ordinarywalking home from work. He’s complaining about the traffic, his feet, etc. when he encounters a dead body in an alley. Without defining who he is or why he would do such a thing, the character rolls the body over and commands it to come back to life. The once-dead man he’s raised then says, “Grave robber,” and our average guy replies, “Not anymore,” and runs away.

Nowhere, did I explain who he was, why he could do that, or the meaning of it. It’s all action and dialogue, yet already some of the backstory has leaked in. Clearly, something caused this man to stop raising people from the dead.

I love the feel of the story already, the way it focuses on plot and setting and less on filling in the blanks. I’m no longer obligated to explain every last thing about the character. I’m better with scene descriptions because of this method. Since I’m not bothering to say anything from his past, I can use the space to describe the city, the alley, or the dead man.

Most importantly, the more I write this way, the better I am at making my point, and that is invaluable. I’ve stopped taking rabbit trails that lead nowhere and focused the reader’s attention. They get to figure out the backstory without me telling them point-by-point, and that’s a much better way to write.

Only 99 cents until June 18th!  

The Quarter

Rylie Shepherd’s come home to Richland, Colton Ryder, and a heart full of pain.

About The Author:

Suzanne D. WilliamsBest-selling author, Suzanne D. Williams, is a native Floridian, wife, mother, and photographer. She is the author of both nonfiction and fiction books. She writes devotionals and instructional articles for various blogs. She also does graphic design for self-publishing authors. She is co-founder of THE EDGE.

To learn more about what she’s doing and check out her extensive catalog of stories, visit or link with her on Facebook at or on Twitter at

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CrossReads Book Spotlight: Christ Our Surety

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CrossReads Book Spotlight

CrossReads Book Spotlight

Christ Our Surety

The Assurance of At-One-Ment With God

by Thabani M. S. Dlodlo

Christ Our Surety

Death is certain; and so is eternal life in Jesus Christ. This book gives you rock solid assurance of salvation because of what one man has done and is doing for us. Within its pages you will discover your part to play in firmly securing this guarantee.

Explore how and why Jesus was only able to do this as a human being as well as discover the atonement: at-one-ment with God. Whilst this atonement is real and has a seal, many Christians struggle with grasping this assurance because of their experiences with sin. This challenge is addressed as the reader will feast on the righteousness that comes by faith.

The terror of the judgment will evaporate and in its place will be love for Christ, confidence in His promise of eternal life and a longing for His Second Coming.

Buy a copy now: there is no other life assurance policy that even comes close to this.


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CrossReads Short Takes: Daniel Nash A Man Mighty In Prayer & Daughter of Liberty

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CrossReads Short Takes

Daniel Nash A Man Mighty In Prayer

The Key to Revival

by Dr. Michael Yeager

Daniel Nash A Man Mighty In Prayer

In the battlefields of the Spiritual World, the True Heroes are most often the unseen Prayer WARRIORS. These are those who touch heaven, who go to battle for those who mostly are total strangers. They pull down the demonic powers By the Authority of Christ in order for multitudes to be delivered from the powers of darkness. Such a Spiritual Warrior was Father Nash. He went before the famous Charles Finney in Mighty Prevailing Prayer during the Second Great Awakening. Finney in his writings literally attributes most of his success to the prayers of father Nash, and those like him.*This book is about a Man Mighty in prayer. This book is also filled with truths and insight into OTHERS who have paid the price to bring about mighty and great moves of God. When we are referring to prayer we are not referring to some type of religious ceremony. It is divine intimate fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. It is that invisible umbilical cord connected to God. It is God supernaturally transfers into our hearts the overwhelming burden He has for those who do not know Him. What is it that we pray? We pray the known will and purposes Of the Father! We pray the word of God, within a biblical context.





Daughter of Liberty

(The American Patriot Series Book 1)

by J. M. Hochstetler

Daughter of Liberty

It’s Eastertide, April 1775, and in the blockaded port of Boston the conflict between the British Regulars and the Sons of Liberty rapidly escalates toward a fateful confrontation. Caught in the deepening rift that divides Whig and Tory, Elizabeth Howard is torn between her love for her prominent parents, who have strong ties to the British establishment, and her secret adherence to the cause of liberty. By night she plays a dangerous game as the infamous courier Oriole, hunted by the British for smuggling intelligence and munitions to the patriot leaders. And by day she treads increasingly perilous ground as she flirts ever more boldly with British officers close to her parents to gain access to information the rebels so desperately need.

Elizabeth’s assignment is to pin down the exact time the Redcoats will march to capture the patriots’ hoarded munitions. But she hasn’t counted on the arrival of Jonathan Carleton, an officer in the Seventeenth Light Dragoons. To her dismay, the attraction between them is immediate, powerful–and fought on both sides in a war of wits and words. When Carleton wins the assignment to ferret out Oriole, Elizabeth can no longer deny that he is her most dangerous foe–and the possessor of her heart.

As the first blood is spilled at Lexington and Concord, Carleton fights his own private battle of faith. Meanwhile, the headstrong Elizabeth must learn to follow God’s leading as her dangerous role thrusts her ever closer to the carnage of Bunker Hill.

“This is an exceptional book. I read the last 150 pages in one sitting. Heart racing, tears falling, I suffered the anguish and indecision that Elizabeth and Jonathan experienced. Hochstetler has created a magnificent, well-crafted story that will endure with the classics because she did not fall into the weak folly of so many modern writers–that of forcing today’s values and ideas into a time in which they did not exist. To read Daughter of Liberty is to live in 1775 and to experience the spirit that made our country great. Read this book for pleasure, but don’t be surprised when you receive an awesome history lesson that brings you an appreciation of the United States of America in a deep, new way.” —Louise M. Gouge, author of Love Thine Enemy

“J. M. Hochstetler tells the story of Daughter of Liberty in a style I love. She takes fictional characters and sets them at critical moments in history to describe events through their eyes. Daughter of Liberty sets Elizabeth and Jonathan into the middle of the battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill. I now know more about those first battles of the American Revolution than I ever learned in history class.

“I’ve long believed that history in school should be taught through fiction. Instead, history is taught with the dry textbook style of memorizing dates, places, and names–something guaranteed to suck all the fun out of it. Great historical moments are always fraught with tension, life and death, heroism, sacrifice and passion. A novel can catch all of the natural drama while still delivering the facts. Daughter of Liberty is the first in a series of novels by Hochstetler about the Revolution. I can’t wait for more.” —Mary Connealy, author of the Montana Brides series

“Daughter of Liberty is the best historical novel I’ve read since I can’t remember when. Real people and events are woven seamlessly into the story. The real events of 1775 Boston are integral to the plot and the actions of the characters, yet these details are so much a part of the characters’ everyday life and goals that they don’t stick out. It’s the kind of historical novel I love to read and find too few to read. That it is Christian fiction makes it all that much better.” —Laurie Alice Eakes, author of Better Than Gold


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Spiritual Weeding—a Necessity

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by Lisa Prysock

If you’ve ever helped maintain a flower or vegetable garden, you know how important it is to remove pesky weeds before they take over.  The same is true for the garden of our hearts, souls, and minds.  As I was weeding in my garden this week, I began to thank God for helping me to maintain the condition of my heart.  The Bible says to guard our hearts, for the issues of life and death flow from our heart, and everything we decide to do or not do.  Guarding our heart means to shield it from anything that is not life-giving or affirming to living a Christian life.   

In the parable of the sower in Luke chapter 8, verses 5 through 8, the Word tells us the sower went out to sow, and some seed fell beside the road and was trampled underfoot and the birds of the air ate it up.  Some seed fell on rocky soil and withered.  Some seed fell among the thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked out the seed.  Other seed fell on good soil, and produced a crop a hundred times as great. 

Spiritual weeds are like the thorns of this parable.  They can choke out a good crop and take over a whole garden if left untended.  The Bible also mentions briars and thistles.  Spiritual weeds can come in many forms.  We can have weeds which take the form of bitterness, unforgiveness, sorrow, anger, greed, lust, depression, negativity, disobedience…on and on the list goes.  We are human and it’s natural to have feelings that aren’t always on the happy, positive side of things.  Life can get us down.  Circumstances can derail us.  People can hurt us.  However, leaving these mindsets growing in our hearts can choke out the Christian life.   

Are we sowing or feeding discord?  Maybe it’s time to put our words in check.  Or, you may have heard depression is anger turned inside out.  Are we growing depression by leaving unchecked anger building in our hearts?  It is crucial to spend time in prayer and reflection, in reading the Word, and in examining our hearts to see what might be growing in our soil so we can determine the proper steps to deal with it.   

Sometimes we can’t see the condition of our heart, but when we read the Word, it’s alive and it reads us.  It can point the way to something unchecked in our thoughts or minds which we need to attend to.  There have been times in my life when I had to make a course correction.  I’m thankful for those times when the Holy Spirit led me to see something in my thoughts or deep in my heart which needed to be dealt with or removed from my attitude.   

Weeding a garden can be hard work, but the benefits are huge.  For example, one of the most difficult things to do has been forgiving those who have hurt me, intentionally or unknowingly.  However, each time, I felt so much better when I made the choice to forgive.  I felt set free to love the other person.  Maybe we weren’t going to be best friends, but I didn’t feel like a prisoner chained to drink a cup that could poison my soul.  I felt free to move forward without hindrance between the Lord and me.  I felt free to remove negative thoughts and feelings from my heart and mind.  I no longer had the burden of carrying that heavy load anymore.   

I chose to have forgiveness, compassion, and understanding for the other person.  I chose not to let the actions of others steal my joy.  I’m not saying there weren’t time when I wrestled in prayer to come to that conclusion, but I have never regretted choosing forgiveness.  Remembering we cannot receive forgiveness from the Lord if we don’t forgive those who have hurt us has always helped me ultimately make the right decision.  Still, it’s hard work at times, but so beneficial.  It’s a spiritual necessity. 

My friend, I hope you and I will both remember to take time out now and then to be still in the presence of the Lord and allow Him to show us any weeds we need to pluck from our lives.  What about you?  Have you found a weed in your spiritual life that the Lord helped you remove?  Perhaps your experience will help someone else, so don’t be shy.  Feel free to leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.

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Lisa M. PrysockLisa M. Prysock is an award-winning, bestselling, Christian and inspirational author of 17 novels.  She and her husband of more than 20 years reside in Kentucky.  They have five children, grown.   

She writes in the genres of both Historical Christian Romance and Contemporary Christian Romance, including a multi-author Western Christian Romance series, “Whispers in Wyoming.”  She is also the author of a devotional.  Lisa enjoys sharing her faith in Jesus through her writing. 

She has many interests, but a few of these include gardening, cooking, drawing, sewing, crochet, cross stitch, reading, swimming, biking, and walking.  She loves dollhouses, cats, horses, butterflies, hats, boots, flip-flops, espadrilles, chocolate, coffee, tea, chocolate, the colors peach and purple, and everything old-fashioned.   

She adopted the slogan of “The Old-Fashioned Everything Girl” because of her love for classic, traditional, and old-fashioned everything.  When she isn’t writing, she can sometimes be found teaching herself piano and violin, but finds the process “a bit slow and painful.”  Lisa enjoys working with the children and youth in her local church creating human videos and plays or programs incorporating her love for inspirational dance.  A few of her favorite authors include Jane Austen, Lucy Maude Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.  You’ll find “food, fashion, fun, and faith” in her novels.  Sometimes she includes her own illustrations. 

She continues the joy and adventure of her writing journey as a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and LCW (Louisville Christian Writers).  Lisa’s books are clean and wholesome, inspirational, romantic, and family oriented.  She gives a generous portion of the proceeds to missions.    

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